John Guldberg

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John Guldberg
Danish guitarist and part of the highly successful pop duo Laid Back. Before that, in the summer of 1977, he was offered to join the C. V. Jørgensen band but turned it down.


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6. Juni 2007
geändert over 15 years ago
Danish guitar wizard John Guldberg came early on the local recording session scene, for his amazing sense of timing and taste in what kind of guitar part would enhance a song, rather than having crazy egomaniac guitar stunts detract from it. He also was an early pioneer of synthesizer guitar sounds - using a guitar as if a keyboard synthesizer. Many times over, he got comments and questions as to "where's the guitar on this track? I can't hear any!" having to answer "well... half of the synth sounds you hear are done with a synthesizer guitar".

Along with his partner Tim Stahl (vocals, keyboards) in Laid Back, Guldberg shared vocal duties with his baritone-like voice and also went on to write lyrics for the group as well as handling the mixing of their tracks more than often.