Andreas Lupo Lubisch

Bürgerl. Name:
Andreas Lubich
Note: When credited simply as Loop-o or Lupo, please use Loop-o (with ANV if necessary).

Mastering engineer and cutting master-lacquer discs since around 1999.
Until 2013 he was co-owner and mastering / cutting engineer of Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
From 2013 - 2019 he was a mastering and cutting engineer at Calyx Mastering, Berlin
In 2019 he set up his own company Loop-O Mastering.

Contact info: lupo (at)
His cuts are signed with "Loop_O / D&M" / "Loop_O / Calyx" / "NN for Loop_O / Calyx" or "Jan for Loop_O / Calyx".
Appears as "LUPO" / "LOOP-O" / "Andreas [LUPO] Lubich" / "Andreas Lubich" / "Acoustic-Interface" / "LOOP.O" / "LOOP_O".


Mixmag 12/11 Andreas Lubich - Never Say Never Cover-Design Sasha Snooze 4 Love (Version/Original) (as Andreas Lupo Lubisch) und 1 weitere… Sasha - Never Say Never Mixmag Mixmag 12/11 UK 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
nvnc-lp014/015 Andreas Lubich - Intercommunal Dialogue 1&2 Cover-Design François Tusques & Sunny Murray François Tusques & Sunny Murray - Intercommunal Dialogue 1&2 Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu nvnc-lp014/015 Luxembourg 2019 Diese Version verkaufen
ZORA20 Andreas Lubich - Hope Map Cover-Design Ignaz Schick, Matthias Bauer, Tony Buck Ignaz Schick, Matthias Bauer, Tony Buck - Hope Map (Album) Zarek ZORA20 Germany 2020