Ruth White

Real Name:Ruth S. White

Ruth White (born 1925 Pittsburgh, PA, died 2013 Los Angeles, CA) was an American electronic music pioneer, most notably for her early explorations of sound using the Moog synthesizer. According to the back cover of her 1971 release Short Circuits, “Ruth White is considered among today’s most gifted arbiters of what is termed ‘the new music’.” With a string of recordings in the mid 1960's/early 1970's - most notably “Seven Trumps From The Tarot Card And Pinions” (1968), “Flowers of Evil” (1969), and “Short Circuits” (1970) - featured surprising and new uses of the Moog Synthesizer as well as other pieces of electronic musical equipment. While her use of technology was the focal point in the late 1960's, most of her career was dedicated to educational recordings.

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