Aes Dana

Bürgerl. Name:
Vincent Villuis
Electronic chillout project based in Lyon, France.

Specialised in sampling and layering of accoustic sounds digitally transmuted; Aes Dana brings a fusion between the British progressive feel and the traditional American space music; with sounds anchored in the psychedelic realm freely flowing into a morning downtempo trance, tribal or smashed rhythms.
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inre007 Aes Dana - Season 5 Cover-Design Aes Dana Season 5 (Album) Ultimae Records inre007 France 2002 Diese Version verkaufen
inre 010 Aes Dana - Aftermath (Archives Of Peace) Cover-Design Aes Dana Aftermath (Archives Of Peace) (Album) Ultimae Records inre 010 France 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
inre014 Aes Dana - Memory Shell Cover-Design Aes Dana Memory Shell (Album) Ultimae Records inre014 France 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
inre 034, inre034 Aes Dana - Leylines Cover-Design Aes Dana Leylines (Album) Ultimae Records, Ultimae Records inre 034, inre034 France 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
inre045 Aes Dana - Perimeters Cover-Design Aes Dana Perimeters (Album) Ultimae Records inre045 France 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
inre055 Aes Dana - Pollen Cover-Design Aes Dana Pollen (Album) Ultimae Records inre055 France 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
inre097CD Aes Dana - Inks Cover-Design Aes Dana Inks (Album) Ultimae Records inre097CD France 2019 Diese Version verkaufen
inre105V Aes Dana - (a) period. Cover-Design Aes Dana (a) period. (Album) Ultimae Records inre105V France 2021 Diese Version verkaufen
none Aes Dana - Interstice | Live Set Cover-Design Aes Dana Interstice | Live Set (Album) Ultimae Records none Europe 2022 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

INRE 022 Aes Dana - Manifold Cover-Design Aes Dana Manifold (Single) Ultimae Records INRE 022 France 2007
inre072 Aes Dana - Cut. Cover-Design Aes Dana Feat. MikTek Aes Dana Feat. MikTek - Cut. (EP) Ultimae Records inre072 France 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
inre077 Aes Dana - Alkaline Cover-Design Aes Dana Feat. MikTek Aes Dana Feat. MikTek - Alkaline (EP) Ultimae Records inre077 France 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
inre078 Aes Dana - The Unexpected Hours Cover-Design Aes Dana Feat. MikTek Aes Dana Feat. MikTek - The Unexpected Hours (EP) Ultimae Records inre078 France 2016 Diese Version verkaufen


inre083 Aes Dana - Far & Off Cover-Design Aes Dana Feat. Miktek Aes Dana Feat. Miktek - Far & Off (Album, Comp) Ultimae Records inre083 France 2016 Diese Version verkaufen

DJ Mixes

CDREC-02 Aes Dana - Portal Of Perceptions Cover-Design Aes Dana Portal Of Perceptions(CD, Comp, Mixed) Celestial Dragon Records CDREC-02 Hong Kong 2005 Diese Version verkaufen

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24. März 2019
If you work out on that slow music then you are no Ultraman :P


24. März 2017
If you like Aes Dana, awesome isn't he, you MUST check out his collaborative effort with Solar Fields: H.U.V.A. Network. Albums are "Ephemeris" and "Distances". Ephemeris is possibly my favorite album ever. I put it on when I exercise AND when I code. Cheers!


12. August 2016
Great music!!!!!! He creates an unique atmosphere of futuristic sounds (: (In my own perception).
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