Zoviet France

Music group from Newcastle upon Tyne in north east England. Their music, often experimental, at times dissonant and made of industrial textures, falls into the ambient and drone music category.

Lisa Hale (1980-1981)
Robin Storey (1980-1992)
Peter Jensen (1980-1984)
Ben Ponton (1980-present)
Paolo di Paolo (1984-1986)
Mark Spybey (1987-1989)
Andy Eardley (1990-1995)
Mark Warren (1995-present)


none Zoviet France - :Garista: Cover-Design :$oviet:France:* :Garista: (Album) Not On Label (Zoviet France Self-released) none UK 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
REDLP 40 Zoviet France - Mohnomishe Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Mohnomishe (Album) Red Rhino Records REDLP 40 UK 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
REDLP 45 Zoviet France - Eostre Cover-Design :Zoviet:France:* Eostre (Album) Red Rhino Records REDLP 45 UK 1984 Diese Version verkaufen
nml 8505, nml8505 Zoviet France - Gris Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Gris No Man's Land, No Man's Land nml 8505, nml8505 Germany 1985 Diese Version verkaufen
REDC 58 Zoviet France - Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music (Album) Singing Ringing, Red Rhino Records REDC 58 UK 1985 Diese Version verkaufen
REDLP 67A Zoviet France - Gesture Signal Threat Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Gesture Signal Threat (Album) Red Rhino Records REDLP 67A UK 1986 Diese Version verkaufen
RED LP 67 Zoviet France - Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals Cover-Design Soviet France* Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals (Album) Red Rhino Records RED LP 67 UK 1986 Diese Version verkaufen
STAALTAPE 00L Zoviet France - Loh Land Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Loh Land (Album) Staaltape STAALTAPE 00L Netherlands 1987 Diese Version verkaufen
REDLP68 Zoviet France - A Flock Of Rotations Cover-Design Soviet France* A Flock Of Rotations (Album) Red Rhino Records REDLP68 UK 1987 Diese Version verkaufen
REDLP 68A Zoviet France - Assault And Mirage Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Assault And Mirage (Album) Red Rhino Records REDLP 68A UK 1987 Diese Version verkaufen
REDCD91 Zoviet France - Shouting At The Ground Cover-Design :zoviet-france:* Shouting At The Ground (Album) Red Rhino Records REDCD91 UK 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
CHARRMLP14 Zoviet France - Look Into Me Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Look Into Me (Album) Charrm CHARRMLP14 UK 1990 Diese Version verkaufen
STCD005 Zoviet France - Just An Illusion Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Just An Illusion (Album) Staaltape STCD005 Netherlands 1990 Diese Version verkaufen
CHARRMCD15 Zoviet France - Vienna 1990 Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Vienna 1990 (Album) Charrm CHARRMCD15 UK 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
CD66 Zoviet France - Shadow, Thief Of The Sun Cover-Design Zoviet France Shadow, Thief Of The Sun (Album) DOVe CD66 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
CHARRMCD17, CHARRM CD17 Zoviet France - What Is Not True Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* What Is Not True (Album) Charrm, Charrm CHARRMCD17, CHARRM CD17 UK 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
THESE 11 CD Zoviet France - Unentitled Cover-Design :Zoviet*France:* / Jim O'Rourke / The Hafler Trio :Zoviet*France:* / Jim O'Rourke / The Hafler Trio - Unentitled(CD, Album) These Records THESE 11 CD UK 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
SOLV 004 Zoviet France - Digilogue Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Digilogue (Album) Soleilmoon Recordings SOLV 004 US 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
charrmcd24 Zoviet France - in.version Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* in.version(CD, Album) Charrm charrmcd24 UK 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
none Zoviet France - Mort Aux Vaches: Feedback Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Mort Aux Vaches: Feedback(CD, Album, Ltd, Num) Mort Aux Vaches none Netherlands 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
TRAM 1 Zoviet France - The Decriminalisation Of Country Music Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* The Decriminalisation Of Country Music(CD, Album) Tramway TRAM 1 UK 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
zf20110918AAC Zoviet France - Live At Incubate, Poppodium 013, Tilburg 18.09.11 Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* Live At Incubate, Poppodium 013, Tilburg 18.09.11(File, AAC) Not On Label (Zoviet France Self-released) zf20110918AAC UK 2011
AV040/041/042 Zoviet France - 7.10.12 Cover-Design Zoviet France 7.10.12 (Album) Alt.Vinyl AV040/041/042 UK 2012 Diese Version verkaufen
SOL 182 Zoviet France - The Tables Are Turning Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* The Tables Are Turning (Album) Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 182 US 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
av052 Zoviet France - Patina Pooling Cover-Design :zoviet*france:* and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project :zoviet*france:* and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Patina Pooling (Album) Alt.Vinyl av052 UK 2014 Diese Version verkaufen

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11. September 2021
https://www.vod-records.com/ LATE DECEMBER (2021)

VOD172: ZOVIET FRANCE Châsse Vol. 3 16Lp Wooden Box (ltd. 500 plus 99 artists-editions in special colored Vinyl plus 8 x Stand Alone Releases (ltd. 300 each)

VOD 172 1/2 in.version (1996) 2LP – first time on vinyl
VOD 172 3/4 Digilogue (1996) 2LP – first time on vinyl for the original expanded CD release
VOD 172 5/6 Feedback (Mort aux vaches) (1998) 2LP – first time on vinyl
VOD 172 7/8 The Decriminalisation of Country Music (2000) 2LP – first time on vinyl, including additional unreleased recordings
VOD 172 9/10 A Long Walk (2011) 2LP – first physical release
VOD 172 11/12 7.10.12 (2012) 2LP
VOD 172 13/14 The Tables Are Turning (2013) 2LP – including additional unreleased recordings
VOD 172 15/16 A Third Collusion (new) 2LP - tracks from compilations, first time on vinyl


17. Oktober 2020
VOD165: ZOVIET FRANCE Châsse Volume 2
LP11/12 Collusion in white vinyl
LP16/17 Further Collusion in white vinyl too


16. September 2020
VOD165: ZOVIET FRANCE Châsse Volume 2 17Lp Wooden Box -sold out at VOD - available to preorder from boomkat


11. Mai 2020
VOD165: ZOVIET FRANCE Châsse Volume 2 17Lp Wooden Box
LP1 The End of Nothing, the Beginning of Everything
LP2/3 Shouting at the Ground
LP4/5 Just an Illusion
LP6 Russian Heterodoxical Songs
LP7/8 Look into Me
LP9/10 Shadow, Thief of the Sun
LP11/12 Collusion
LP13 Vienna 1990
LP14/15 What Is Not True
LP16/17 Further Collusion


21. Mai 2019
Great news from Vinyl on Demand for those who can afford it:
VOD155: ZOVIET FRANCE "Châsse" complete album works 1982-1987 15Lp-Wooden Box with Shirt (ltd. 400) plus 11 Stand Alone Releases (ltd. 200 each)


7. September 2015
geändert over 6 years ago
The godfathers of otherworldly and quixotic ambient.


30. Januar 2013
anyone who uses this word .... hypnagogic .... must instantly stop.


2. August 2008
While classic Zoviet France is unparalleled in greatness, it is unfortunate Ben has taken the path of digital gear. It sure shows in the music. Nothing against computers, its just that classic era Zoviet France was this timeless beautiful thing that seemed to have vanish when Robin Storey left. The Reformed Faction is up to snuff without losing that eloquent intangible. I stepped outside while *ZF* played a show a few years ago in San Francisco when I saw the digital gear they were using but made it back to see Michael Gira play. I will however be flying to Boston to see Mark and Robin play this November.

Here is an idea... how about Ben gives up the Zoviet France name and starts a misc. boring - run of the mill experimental side project. Then the Reformed Faction can restore the tarnished name, Zoviet France, once and for all!

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