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Kim Vincent Fowley
Kim Fowley (born July 21, 1939, Los Angeles, California, USA – died January 15, 2015, Hollywood, California, USA) was an American record producer, singer, songwriter, musician, publisher and impresario. He started his musical career on February 3, 1959 (coincidentally the day that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash aka "The Day The Music Died" which is a quote from Don McLean's song American Pie). He founded music publishers Kim Fowley Pub. and Kim Fowley Music.
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Writing & Arrangement

Kim Fowley - Meilenstein Der Ersten Liebe Cover-Design Randolph Rose Meilenstein Der Ersten Liebe (America's Great National Past Time) (as Fawley) Randolph Rose - Meilenstein Der Ersten Liebe (Single) Hansa Austria 1972 Diese Version verkaufen
85 921 IT Kim Fowley - Tops For Dancing (28 Party-Hits) Cover-Design Jo Ment & His Party-Singers Meilenstein Der Ersten Liebe (as Fawley) Jo Ment & His Party-Singers - Tops For Dancing (28 Party-Hits)(LP, Album) Ariola 85 921 IT Germany 1972 Diese Version verkaufen
86 286 ZT Kim Fowley - Olala L'Amour! Cover-Design Orchester Cliff Carpenter* Meilensteine Der Ersten Liebe (as Fawley) Orchester Cliff Carpenter* - Olala L'Amour!(LP, Comp) Hansa 86 286 ZT Germany Unknown Diese Version verkaufen

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9. Juni 2017
A genius or a bluff? For me the first one. His producer fame destroyed the chances to be considered as the artist he was. but time gives the right answers and now is clear that records like outrageous, son of frankestain, animal god, living in the streets, are full of music better than what you can find in the works of a lot of very much more famous fowley's collegues. Kim Fowley's music could be a good surprise for a lot of listeners.

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