19. November 2019
Yello are a very interesting group that influenced a lot of European Techno from the late 80s onwards... Also Carlos Peron must not be forgotten for his major input within the group Yello... Check his solo career from the early days...

Yello bomber69

17. Juli 2019
geändert about 1 year ago
I love the works of the group "Yello". In 2019, at one of the parties, I put the song "I Love U" from "Mix One Go". I never thought that this track would be such a dance

Yello seerva62

12. Mai 2020
The 80/85 album you could put on as a DJ and just sit down and watch them go nuts brilliant best of way ahead of its time

Yello PasjonatWachholza

20. Dezember 2018
When you listen to such songs as Drive Driven, Of Course Im Lying, Blazing Saddles, you will find yourself in a different world. However, the necessary condition for the transition to this other world must be that you really love music.

Yello as reviewed by Expansive09

8. August 2017
geändert over 3 years ago
Yello...quirky, intelligent, electronic...Swiss! Take some of Kraftwerks electro aesthetics add laughing gas(theres always a bit of seriousness meets comical in their music and lyrics) and true composition craftsmanship and there you have Yello. Unique never replicated and if one has a broad enough listening palette simply brilliant pop music not cut from the same old moldy piece of musical cheese(and much tastier than Velveeta!).

Yello kylevaldes

7. August 2017
early yello is surprising. very influential perfect synth pop with out seeming corny.

Yello as reviewed by bishop_siege_alpha

16. November 2014
geändert over 4 years ago
I think Yello is something of a same league as Kraftwerk. But different angle of course. It was an inspiration to a lot of cult DJ's and electronic groups, and we're talking about the ones who are considered to be the cornerstone of the electronic dance scene. Check out their remix album 'Hands on Yello' released something 20 odd years back - you will find impressive count of characters doing the remixes ranging from Carl Cox, Moby, The Orb to Westbam and Carl Craig, Jam & Spoon etc. Their input is huge. They are incomparable with anything. They are still alive. They always will be.

Yello tw0sheds

23. Februar 2016
geändert over 5 years ago
I think I read Boris Blank was in an early incarnation of Kraftewerk.

Yello ttooyyss

5. Februar 2014
geändert over 7 years ago
Yello is something perfect as a Swiss watch. Were much ahead of their times and even nowadays they are always fresh and new, sounding with incredible precision and perfect mixing. Always vivid and moving. Incredible versatility, hypnotic voice. Boris Blank is simply a studio master from every aspect: great songwriter, one of the greatest arranger and he is maybe the biggest master behind the mixing-console. Their last album "Touch" sounds not only brilliant but the sonic quality is it. Yello is the perfect band, may satisfy everyone!

Yello soundandlight

19. Mai 2012
Yello needs a nice upgrade to their catalog including a multi-disc box set with ALL the remixes and rare trax.

Yello postpunkmonk

7. Februar 2014
When, oh when, will Dieter Meier gift us with a comprehensive YELLO video album with all of his magnificent clips?

Yello as reviewed by DenDerDj

20. September 2006
geändert over 4 years ago
This is how i started out with listning to music.Even now a days you can play Yello and it still sounds new.They where really progressive for their time and had a lot of influence on the modern house of to day.The variation of there songs is outstanding and there 12" are well sought after.Yello is for me the base....

Yello as reviewed by Brad.R

27. Oktober 2003
Yello has some really amazing songs. It's a shame that they are viewed as sort of a "gimmick band" because of the song "Oh Yeah".

Definitely check out songs like "Bostich", "I Love You", "You Gotta Say Yes..." and see how influential they were.