Matt Gray

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Matthew Del Gray
Mainly known as a composer of Commodore 64 computer game music (for titles such as Last Ninja 2).

He was also active in the early 90's UK rave scene under various aliases, such as EQ & Industrial.


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13. Mai 2006
geändert over 16 years ago
Well, what can be said about Matt Gray, if there is one guy who defines the sound of original electronic game music it's him, this is the person whose music inspired me in the styles I listen to today while playing The Last Ninja 2 amongst other C64 games in the late 80's, some productions break the barriers for originality, I've heard tracks that sound like drum & bass, breakbeats & trance, excellent use of synths and sounds even Hybrid have possibly been inspired by all which were made in the 80's and early 90's without the computer technology of today. Electronic music is good but computer game music is amazing, as Ben Daglish (creator of the memorable music for The Last Ninja) said about his work 'eventually tweety little sound-chips drove me mad', thanks for making the music and giving us some great memories.

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