The Hiltonaires


Label pseudonym for various lineups (including vocalists) invented by UK record company Damont Records Ltd. in 1971.
The band name first encountered on Stereo Gold Award (SGA) records on a small number of easy listening albums.
Due to the connection between label owner David L. Miller and German music company Miller International Schallplatten GmbH the pseudonym was brought to German labels Europa and Sonic through licensing deals the same year.

While playing a minor role on the SGA label, The Hiltonaires had a hugh output on the German counterpart labels, providing the band naming for almost every English language cover music track for the rest of the 1970's. Quite a lot of these tracks were actually produced by Dave Miller in London and were also released anonymously on the SGA label. For the German records Miller International added original material to the cover music repertoire as filler material plus renaming previously produced songs to "The Hiltonaires", that were initially released under other band names.

Mitglieder:John Lawton
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