Celluloïd Mata

Bürgerl. Name:
Matthieu Maire
Celluloid Mata is a French project of Matthieu Maire who, after his first independent release, signed to the French label Noise Museum. Mata produces (or used to produce) heavy ambient, dynamited by rhythmic crashing pieces of noise. The compositions seem to have a natural electronic body, which gets this impression of "quiet force." Wider, the range of sonorities gears down the impact of these dangerous techno-tronic oscillations, and dark breakbeats appear to go hand in hand with a perfect cohesion of sound. After six years and several releases on different labels, Maire decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the Celluloid Mata moniker. With Philipp Münch (Synapscape, Ars Moriendi) he now produces as Cell Auto Mata.
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NM 014 Celluloïd Mata - Fancy Binaries Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Fancy Binaries(CD, Album) Noise Museum NM 014 France 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
NM 021 Celluloïd Mata - Bimbo Oscillations Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Bimbo Oscillations(CD, Album) Noise Museum NM 021 France 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
NM 072040 Celluloïd Mata - Invasion Of Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Invasion Of(CD, Album) Noise Museum NM 072040 France 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
act 107 Celluloïd Mata - Sable Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Sable(CD, Album) Ant-Zen act 107 Germany 2000 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

v-lego 0.01 Celluloïd Mata - Mata Mensch Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Mata Mensch(7") V-Lego v-lego 0.01 France 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
0.02 Celluloïd Mata Pink One EP(7", Pin) V-Lego 0.02 France 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
act95 Celluloïd Mata - Acti-room Cover-Design Ultra Milkmaids + Celluloïd Mata Ultra Milkmaids + Celluloïd Mata - Acti-room(10", Ltd) Ant-Zen act95 Germany 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
2eme sous-sol Celluloïd Mata - Jerusalem Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata / Elektroplasma Celluloïd Mata / Elektroplasma - Jerusalem(12") L'Art et La Guerre 2eme sous-sol France 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
¥020 Celluloïd Mata - La Connectique Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata La Connectique(12", EP) Hymen Records ¥020 Germany 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
v1.0 & v1.1 Celluloïd Mata - Escaped From Room 7 Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Escaped From Room 7(2x12", Ltd) Vacuum (2) v1.0 & v1.1 France 2000 Diese Version verkaufen


NM 027 Celluloïd Mata - Mix Oscillations Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Mix Oscillations(CD, Comp) Noise Museum NM 027 France 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
act 125 Celluloïd Mata - Spectrum Cover-Design Celluloïd Mata Spectrum(2xCD, Comp) Ant-Zen act 125 Germany 2002 Diese Version verkaufen