Coil plusmynis

22. Februar 2019
That wasn't really a reissue ,just an early mix of LSD known as The Side Effects Of Life,Important to serious Coil collectors .Important to me.

Coil alexswin

9. Dezember 2018
geändert 2 months ago
they are a reissue coming in 2019, it look like a compilation of rare stuff, released date: January 15 2019,
update: was found here:, but it's not there anymore, the album was a reissue of love secret demise

Coil jai23

26. April 2019
This is the release due next month on LP & CD:

Coil timpropst23

3. Januar 2019
Do tell. Who is putting it out? Thank you for any info.

Coil as reviewed by genocyber

22. August 2018
experimentation and genre re-defining but also very skilled producers as well which is overlooked (e.g. Nasa Arab 2). no one has even come close to what theyve done (and its unlikely anyone ever will).

Coil mayss

3. März 2017
geändert over 2 years ago
Using the least, deconstructing the most, and conveying ALL.

Coil forever!

Coil as reviewed by cwmbran-city

22. Oktober 2016
Among Britain's best ever sound explorers. Fact. Genres? Only one = Coil.

Coil Blaculator

12. Dezember 2016
Whitehouse- the masters of bludgeoning sounds!!! and The Beatles of course))))

Coil dalakouras

29. August 2016
Be it industrial, ambient, ritual, drone, electronic, experimental: the whole post-industrial scene is but a series of footnotes to COIL.

Coil as reviewed by anton.hystrix

21. Februar 2016
geändert over 3 years ago
Usually there are situations when I think "This artist should be cool enough to be in my favorites" and after thorough listening of his discography I realize that there were only a couple of good songs that made me want to check the artist. Suddenly Coil became very rare exception from this rule. Knowing their past and knowing some of the old PTV songs I thought there would be the same industrial, strange sound constructions, noizes, and psychedelic voices. But I was totally wrong and they are much better than I expected.

The first song I heard recently was Tainted Love, which was included as a classic track into one of the episodes of Radio Dogma, the podcast hosted by The Black Dog. Something in it hooked me, it was the dark mood and the perfect combination of voice and sound. For now I checked the main albums and I can say that these guys were absolutely good composers. The first two discs could be named "industrial" in some way but there's plenty of amazing dark ambient and more experimental stuff later, the music and the usage of voices became better and better. I also like how the used unusual instruments like didgeridoo. And the best thing was that these guys were always trying to create something new, they were full of ideas. Really enjoyed "Musick To Play In The Dark", we hear the perfect example of voice utilization in "Are You Shivering?", then we fly into something that reminded me of old Tangerine Dream, then something new again, you name it. Highly recommended to all electronic music fans.