Proyecto Mirage

Bürgerl. Name:
Alicia H. Willen & Francisco Planellas
"This group from Madrid, constituted by Alicia H. Willen and Francisco Planellas, is, undoubtedly, one of the most solid proposals in [Spanish] "hard" electronics' new scene. Proyecto Mirage, absorbing itself in NOISE, techno and gothic rock, evolves fromits incipient electropop towards some industrial abstracted suppositions which are confirmable to each and every "leading light" of intelligent electronics such as Pan Sonic or, above all, Aphex Twin, who share with them a taste for alarming atmospheres, broken melodies and distortioned rhythms. Despite they started creating music a long time ago, Proyecto Mirage has just started to be known (outside the habitual background of demos-tasters) two years ago, having "mouth-to-mouth" communication a fundamental role on its gradual aspect. The fact that they edit their second album for a German Company, as well as the confirmation of next concerts all through Europe, certificates that a prophet is without honour in his own country and that Proyecto Mirage is not just an illusion but a palpable reality." -- Jesús Brotons
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D014 Proyecto Mirage - Proyecto Mirage Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Proyecto Mirage(CD, Album) Hands Productions D014 Germany 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
Proyecto Mirage - Two Tons Of Rubble Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Two Tons Of Rubble (Album) Hands Productions Germany 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
D056 Proyecto Mirage - Gas Alarm!!! Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Gas Alarm!!!(CD, Album) Hands Productions D056 Germany 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
MINDSTRIKE 001 Proyecto Mirage - Gas The DJ Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Gas The DJ(LP, MiniAlbum) Mindstrike MINDSTRIKE 001 Spain 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
D098 Proyecto Mirage - Gimme Your Energy Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Gimme Your Energy(CD, Album) Hands Productions D098 Germany 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
act 215 Proyecto Mirage - Turn It On Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Turn It On(CD, Album) Ant-Zen act 215 Germany 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
act 259 Proyecto Mirage - Slaves Of Capital Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Slaves Of Capital(CD, Album) Ant-Zen act 259 Germany 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
D197 Proyecto Mirage - Steam Tech Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Steam Tech(CD, Album) Hands Productions D197 Germany 2013 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

V042 Proyecto Mirage - Do Not Look At Me Cover-Design Proyecto Mirage Do Not Look At Me(12", EP, Ltd, Num, Pic) Hands Productions V042 Germany 2002 Diese Version verkaufen


none Proyecto Mirage Gimme More Energy - Compilation Tour 2006(CDr, Comp) Hands Productions none Germany 2006 Diese Version verkaufen