Bürgerl. Name:Marco Thull & Thomas Losch

Elektrodrei - A short introduction (English)

In the year 2003, two Bonner guys, Thomas Losch (34) and Marco Thull (32) founded the project “ELEKTRODREI”. With releases on the physical labels “Datapunk” from Anthony Rother and the overshooting minimal-label “Ostwind-Records” (The Glitz, Kollektiv Turmstraße) and the netlabels “Auflegware” and “FOEM” they can look back at a great producing-history. But not only as a team they´re successful in making music. As tuettchips and/or Tom Hoax they released also tracks on “FOEM” and “Ostwind-Records”, too.

The Sound of Elektrodrei so called “Elektro-Fusion” is a great fusion of minimal-, electro- and classic-techno tunes. The Elektrodrei-sound were supported from Stephan Bodzin, Markus Kavka, Kiko, Chloe, Helmut Dubnitzky, Dani Casarano, Trent Cantrelle, Fafa Monteco, Daniel Bell, Gebrüder Teichmann, 3 Channels, Holger Nielson and many many more.

As DJ´s and DJ-Team, Elektrodrei are booked in many clubs in Cologne/Bonn (Homebase) and in east-germany (due to the Ostwind-label). In 2008 they founded -with 3 other guys- the open-air project “TANZBERG” in Bonn and they are the residend-djs and live-act at this floor. With more than 3,000 party-peoples and great DJs (Hans Nieswandt, Tobias Becker) they had a big open-air floor at the Rheinkultur 2008. For the next years, the project Tanzberg will be continued with more peoples and more great DJs. Elektrodrei performs as a DJ-Team live! As single DJs they are “classic” Vinyl-jockeys.

In the year 2006, “Elektrodrei” founded their own free Netlabel “R3CORDS” with many free tracks from Elektrodrei and other artists. For 2009 an own physical Label „FUSION R3CORDS“ is planned.

More Details about Elektrodrei and Tanzberg online: |

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Mitglieder:Marco Thull, Thomas Losch



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