Albion Venables

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Albion Venables
DJ and producer from Sweden. He is one of the founders of Frisbee Records (2).
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SC60-0002 Albion Venables - Tapeheads Cover-Design Albion* Tapeheads(Cass, Ltd, S/Edition) The Sameheads C60 Series SC60-0002 Germany 2015 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

ABR005 Albion Venables - Space Time Continuum Cover-Design Albion* Space Time Continuum(12") Ambassador's Reception ABR005 UK 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
ABR006 Albion Venables - Mixtura Vol.1 Cover-Design Albion* Mixtura Vol.1(12", Ltd, Smplr) Ambassador's Reception ABR006 UK 2011 Diese Version verkaufen
FJ12-01 Albion Venables - Free Fantasy Formation Cover-Design Albion* Free Fantasy Formation(12") Forest Jams FJ12-01 US 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
MME1001 Albion Venables - Disco Mambo Cover-Design Albion* Disco Mambo Macadam Mambo MME1001 France 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
RSR-09 Albion Venables - Albion Cover-Design Albion* Albion (EP) Rotating Souls Records RSR-09 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
MME5005 Albion Venables - Pyramids Cover-Design Albion* Pyramids(12") Macadam Mambo MME5005 France 2015 Diese Version verkaufen
MME20002 Albion Venables - Mahatma Mambo Cover-Design Albion* Mahatma Mambo(12", EP) Macadam Mambo MME20002 France 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
BAH031 Albion Venables - Bah031 Cover-Design Albion* Bah031(12") Bahnsteig 23 BAH031 Germany 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
MMD004 Albion Venables - MM Discos 04 Cover-Design Albion* MM Discos 04(12", Ltd, Num, Promo, W/Lbl) MM Discos MMD004 Germany 2018 Diese Version verkaufen
BAH047 Albion Venables - Bah047 Cover-Design Albion* Bah047(12") Bahnsteig 23 BAH047 Germany 2018 Diese Version verkaufen


ABRCD004 Albion Venables - Mixtura Cover-Design Albion* Mixtura(CD, Comp) Ambassador's Reception ABRCD004 UK 2011 Diese Version verkaufen


FJCM-01 Albion Venables - Mixtura 27 Cover-Design Albion Venables Mixtura 27(Cass, Mixtape) Forest Jams FJCM-01 US 2018 Diese Version verkaufen