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Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου (Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou)
NOTE: If credited as Evangelos Papathanassiou or any other name with Papathanassiou, please use that entry!
Born on March 29, 1943 in Volos, Greece, Vangelis started writing music when he was 4 and performed his first live concert at age 6. He started his career as a member of The Forminx.
In the sixties, he was a founding member of Aphrodite's Child ('Rain and Tears', 'End of the World', etc.), along with Demis Roussos and Lucas Sideras.
A talented composer, producer and musician, Vangelis is famous for composing soundtracks to films such as 'Blade Runner', 'Chariots Of Fire' and '1492: Conquest Of Paradise'.
To date, Vangelis has made over 30 albums, many of them collaborations.


ACBC 00258 Vangelis - L'Apocalypse Des Animaux Cover-Design Vangelis L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (Album) Polydor ACBC 00258 UK 1973 Diese Version verkaufen
VEL-1019 Vangelis - Earth Cover-Design Vangelis O.* Earth (Album) Vertigo VEL-1019 US 1974 Diese Version verkaufen
LPL1-5110-G Vangelis - Heaven And Hell Cover-Design Vangelis Heaven And Hell (Album) RCA LPL1-5110-G Australia 1975 Diese Version verkaufen
SAG 9069 Vangelis - La Fēte Sauvage Cover-Design Vangelis La Fēte Sauvage (Album) CAM SAG 9069 Italy 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
RS 1080 Vangelis - Albedo 0.39 Cover-Design Vangelis Albedo 0.39 (Album) RCA Victor RS 1080 France 1976 Diese Version verkaufen
ZDK1-7114 Vangelis - Ignacio Cover-Design Vangelis Ignacio (Album) CAM ZDK1-7114 Spain 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
APL1-2627 Vangelis - Spiral Cover-Design Vangelis Spiral (Album) RCA Victor APL1-2627 Canada 1977 Diese Version verkaufen
CR 3037 Vangelis - Hypothesis Cover-Design Vangelis Hypothesis (Album) Bellaphon, Charly Records CR 3037 Germany 1978 Diese Version verkaufen
CR 3040 Vangelis - The Dragon Cover-Design Vangelis The Dragon (Album) Charly Records CR 3040 Germany 1978 Diese Version verkaufen
PL-25155 Vangelis - Beaubourg Cover-Design Vangelis Beaubourg (Album) RCA Victor PL-25155 Netherlands 1978 Diese Version verkaufen
PD-1-6199, 2310 658 Vangelis - China = 中國 Cover-Design Vangelis China = 中國 (Album) Polydor, Polydor PD-1-6199, 2310 658 US 1979 Diese Version verkaufen
2480 551 Vangelis - Opera Sauvage Cover-Design Vangelis Opera Sauvage (Album) Polydor 2480 551 New Zealand 1979 Diese Version verkaufen
3169 241 Vangelis - Odes Cover-Design Irene Papas, Vangelis Irene Papas, Vangelis - Odes (Album) Polydor 3169 241 France 1980 Diese Version verkaufen
2302 101 Vangelis - See You Later Cover-Design Vangelis See You Later (Album) Polydor 2302 101 Ireland 1980 Diese Version verkaufen
S 124551 Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire Cover-Design Vangelis Chariots Of Fire (Album) Polydor, 20th Century Fox, Polydor, 20th Century Fox S 124551 US 1981 Diese Version verkaufen
WEA99262 Vangelis - Blade Runner Cover-Design The New American Orchestra, Vangelis The New American Orchestra, Vangelis - Blade Runner (Album) Warner Bros. Records WEA99262 Germany 1982 Diese Version verkaufen
28CM 0120 Vangelis - Antarctica (Music From Koreyoshi Kurahara's Film) = 南極物語 Cover-Design Vangelis Antarctica (Music From Koreyoshi Kurahara's Film) = 南極物語 (Album) Polydor 28CM 0120 Japan 1983 Diese Version verkaufen
823 396-4 Vangelis - Soil Festivities Cover-Design Vangelis Soil Festivities (Album) Polydor 823 396-4 Germany 1984 Diese Version verkaufen
415 196-2 Vangelis - Invisible Connections Cover-Design Vangelis Invisible Connections (Album) Deutsche Grammophon 415 196-2 Germany 1985 Diese Version verkaufen
825 245-1 Vangelis - Mask Cover-Design Vangelis Mask (Album) Polydor 825 245-1 Italy 1985 Diese Version verkaufen
AC 259149 Vangelis - Direct Cover-Design Vangelis Direct (Album) Arista AC 259149 Turkey 1988 Diese Version verkaufen
ZWIC 5125 Vangelis - The City Cover-Design Vangelis The City (Album) EastWest ZWIC 5125 South Africa 1990 Diese Version verkaufen
M-991014-2 Vangelis - 1492 – Conquest Of Paradise (Music From The Original Soundtrack) Cover-Design Vangelis 1492 – Conquest Of Paradise (Music From The Original Soundtrack) (Album) EastWest M-991014-2 Brazil 1992 Diese Version verkaufen
E2 96574 Vangelis - Blade Runner Cover-Design Vangelis Blade Runner (Album) EastWest E2 96574 Canada 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
SAM 1702 Vangelis - Φόρος Τιμής Στον Γκρέκο Cover-Design Βαγγέλης Παπαθανασίου* Φόρος Τιμής Στον Γκρέκο (Album) Warner Music SAM 1702 Europe 1995 Diese Version verkaufen

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26. Mai 2021
geändert 11 days ago
I don't think there is any other artist in this genre that has so much unreleased stuff. Qatar, 97 IAAF, Antigone, are a few examples.


16. Januar 2021
Listening to La Petite Fille de la Mer makes your hair stand on end, it is a simple piece but very full of feelings.


21. November 2020
I think for Vangelis to truly go out with a 'bang' before his inevitable death, he must do one final album with only his CS-80, like his classic 70's/80's material. People don't want the same-sounding MIDI-drenched recent material anymore, sadly. It sounds dated, samey and boring.


9. Mai 2019
Oh my god. I can't believe Voices, Oceanic, and El Greco are not available on vinyl!


5. Mai 2019
Could any one tell me if the Vangelis Concert from Doha Qatar is available on DVD or CD. I know this was recorded at the time,
and I have not seen it on sale.


23. April 2019
Hi Discogs,

Nice that you liked my review.

Antarctica is not bad, but basically half of the soundtrack are different variations of the same theme. I liked but became a little boring. Then I saw the movie and noticed that a lot of great music never got to the album. So I took all the music I could find of this, and did this mix:

Blade Runner would be the best Vangelis album, but is not, just because how badly was treated by Vangelis that seemed to never get it how to build this soundtrack. On the other hand, which version should you pick? The one from 1982 o 1994 or 2007? Or the endless amount of bootlegs that fans did because Vangelis always missed something or put too much or too little. I heard all the official and bootlegs available from this film and put all the music, in a single mix, that Vangelis should gave us a long time ago...



15. April 2019
Does anyone know anything about his recordings of IAFA Athens 97? I'm looking for a good recording, either from DVD or from a CD!


5. Januar 2019
geändert over 3 years ago
Way back in -75 I bought the album Heaven and Hell. When I got back home I put the record on my record player and lay down on the floor. The salesman in the store had promised me “something like Yes” This was the worst crap I’ve ever heard and I fell a sleep. Years later I found in my record collection the album waiting for a second chance. Since that day this is one of my favorite albums. Definitely on my short list. 10 (10). Please don’t miss out on Aphrodites Child.


20. Februar 2018
There is an amazing video on Youtube where he plays ALL pieces in a composition in one sitting. Just says alot about what genius Vangelis is.


12. Februar 2017
geändert over 5 years ago
As I'm listening to the remastered China from the Delectus Box, I'm looking up my tape collection (I kept the cover artwork and track lists of the tapes I compiled) and found my first Vangelis tape. It's from august 1988, containing Spiral and as an extra track Chariots Of Fire. I was 18 back then and was introduced to Vangelis by a very good friend, who already got a CD player at that time. I borrowed my father's portable CD player to record the tape. It took one more year, dec 1989, to buy my first album of Vangelis, which was in fact that Albedo 0.39, followed by China ten days later. Already back then, there was a lot to discover for me. Does someone nowadays still gets into Vangelis? That's a lot more to discover then! But, it's really worth it! The just released Delectus box would be a good start! And there's lot more to discover, because not all of his work is yet official published. So the sound journey goes on!
Sadly I lost the good friend in a car accident, so I travel on without him since 1992.

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