Mark Isham

Real Name:Mark Isham

Mark Isham (b. September 7, 1951, in New York) is an American trumpeter, synthesist and Academy Award-nominated composer. He works in a variety of genres, including jazz, electronic and film music.

Isham studied classical music, but also became interested in jazz, rock, and pop music. During the 70s he became a touring and session musician in various assemblies (Charles Lloyd, Beach Boys, Van Morrison) and appeared later as guest musician on many releases of well-known artists (David Sylvian, Rolling Stones, Susan Vega).

His early solo releases during the 80s had a strong emphasis on electronics, ranging from New Age (all Windham Hill releases) to abstract (soundtracks). During the 90s Isham rediscovered his roots in (contemporary) classical music and jazz and blended these genres in many releases of this incredibly productive period of his career. , Soundcloud , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , Imdb
In Groups:Group 87, Rubisa Patrol, The Raincity Industrial Art Ensemble, The Secret Police, The Sons Of Champlin
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