Orchester Udo Reichel


Orchester Udo Reichel was very likely a collective pseudonym used by Miller International to create the impression of a uniform series. This is shown by the fact that among the original in-house productions (not the cover-versions on the Hit Parade-series) there were always recordings that had already been released on other EUROPA LPs with different artist names, for example music of The Air Mail, Orchester Jacques Romero, The Children Of Quechua and others. Most of the cover versions released under “Orchester Udo Reichel” have been produced by Frank Valdor, who worked as a freelance producer for Miller International since 1966. According to Valdor, most of the titles have been sung by Wolfgang Kubach and Heidi Thuns at the time. The pseudonym "Orchester Udo Reichel" was created to disguise the practice of recycling and to create an uniform look.
Mitglieder:Frank Valdor, Heidi Thuns, Wolfgang Kubach
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