Mnemonic (2)

Bürgerl. Name:
Michael Belletz
mnemonic was founded by michael belletz and sebastian schulz in 1997 starting as an electro-industrial influenced project in which vocals and electronics had equal rights. after two released albums their sound became strictly instrumental and appreciably changed into idm / electronica which made them a name to an entirely different audience. in 2009 sebastian left the project, and michael has been exclusively responsible for its music ever since, a fact that also led to another style alteration towards a more clearly structured analog / electro sound.


none Mnemonic (2) - Infinite Progress Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Infinite Progress(CDr, Album) Not On Label (Mnemonic (2) Self-Released) none Germany 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
none Mnemonic (2) - Decade Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Decade(CDr, Album) Not On Label (Mnemonic (2) Self-Released) none Germany 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
AM-1002DCDltd, AM-1002CD Mnemonic (2) - Identifikationsstörung Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Identifikationsstörung (Album) Alfa Matrix, Alfa Matrix AM-1002DCDltd, AM-1002CD Belgium 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
none Mnemonic (2) [Reprogrammed](CDr) Not On Label (Mnemonic (2) Self-released) none Germany 2003 Diese Version verkaufen
am-1032CD Mnemonic (2) - Konstruktive Vergangenheitsbewältigung Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Konstruktive Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Album) Alfa Matrix am-1032CD Belgium 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
Ti22 Mnemonic (2) - Monokultur Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Monokultur(CD, Album) M-Tronic Ti22 France 2006 Diese Version verkaufen
hs003 Mnemonic (2) - Denkmodell Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Denkmodell(CDr, Album) Halbsicht Records hs003 Germany 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
hs005 Mnemonic (2) - Hörsinn Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Hörsinn(CDr, Album) Halbsicht Records hs005 Germany 2010 Diese Version verkaufen
hs009, hs009.1 Mnemonic (2) - The Air I Breathe Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) The Air I Breathe (Album) Halbsicht Records hs009, hs009.1 Germany 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
HS013 Mnemonic (2) - Result No​.​7 Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Result No​.​7(CDr, Album) Halbsicht Records HS013 Germany 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
Sm62, HS014.1 Mnemonic (2) - Mo:ral Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Mo:ral (Album) M-Tronic, Halbsicht Records Sm62, HS014.1 France 2016 Diese Version verkaufen
¥854 Mnemonic (2) - Aversionen Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Aversionen (Album) Hymen Records ¥854 Germany 2018 Diese Version verkaufen
¥863, hs016 Mnemonic (2) - Mnemonik Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Mnemonik (Album) Hymen Records, Halbsicht Records ¥863, hs016 Germany 2021 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

am-3004-DJ Mnemonic (2) - Nahtot Cover-Design Mnemonic (2) Nahtot(CDr, EP, Ltd) Alfa Matrix am-3004-DJ Belgium 2004 Diese Version verkaufen
_netHS003 Mnemonic (2) - Character Setup Cover-Design DNN - Mnemonic (2) DNN - Mnemonic (2) - Character Setup (EP) Halbsicht Records _netHS003 Germany 2010