DJ Koze franklyn

14. Juni 2019
I can't share the opinions of the comments. I don't understand this hype!

DJ Koze Drift33

19. März 2013
One of my personal favorite producer/DJs. I had the privilege to hear him spin rooftop at the Standard in LA, one of the best sets I've ever heard...the real deal.

DJ Koze Julien_75011

11. Januar 2013
geändert over 3 years ago
Really love Kozalla's works. His music is such complicated and appreciated listenning after listenning, never trip like this before. All the work he did (as a producer or remixer) for kompakt or others are special. He's definitely in an other galaxy. Love him

DJ Koze as reviewed by menos_kenada

22. Juli 2005
geändert over 13 years ago
Definitely one of the few artists in today's electronic music who dares to be humourous (check his 'Music is Okay' mix and the names of most of his tracks) along with audacious production skills.
When he starts sounding a bit too slick, something is gonna happen (check 'the geklöppel continues - B1' at 4'28'' !!).
Can't wait to hear this guy behind the decks !

DJ Koze Orok

9. Oktober 2010
I have to agree with you ... being humourous may come from his HIP HOP past :D Check his website, some good stuff on it !