Bürgerl. Name:Jochen Mader

More than a decade of travelling through the world of music, starting from the native land of hiphop, over the hills of zion, passing the babylon wall, through the basswaves of electronica, floating on the raging current of drum&bass right down to the deep realms of dubstep - packed with nothing more than passion, patience and ambition.

"A progress is a train - you can climb on board, you can get out of the way...or you can be crushed", a quotation of a mysterious voice in the track "progress" whose producer skyence, located in hamburg/germany, had to bear witness to all of the possibilities quoted. Sometimes you're calm enough to dive into the scene(ry), sometimes there is nothing left but hatred and despite and, third, you escape evrybodies notice and get overrun while walking along your own path.

Listeners who can understand his mostly dark and hypnotic songs may sometimes be capable of grabbing some of his pieces of mind from back in the production days - those may be aspirations, essential thoughts or emotional peaks. In constant search of new borders some sounds may feel a bit edgy at first but will unfold their magic and indispensability to the patient and open-minded listener.

Aliasse:Jochen Mader


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