Reynaldo Meza


Singer/songwriter/guitarist/entertainer born May 28, 1929 in the small town of San Lázaro, Paraguay.

At the age of 17, Reynaldo won a singing contest and soon devoted himself to such a career. Stints with the orchestras of Achón Arsenio Gomez, Rudy Heyn, Alfredo Riquelme, Cesar Medina and Neneco Norton followed, as did tours of Brazil and work with Reynaldo San Solano and the orchestra of Radio Splendid in Buenos Aires. He cut his first record in 1952 and formed a band with which he toured Argentina.

In 1955, Reynaldo was recruited to join his older brother Luis Osmer Mesa (who was now going by the stage name Luis Alberto Del Parana) in the group he was putting together. The group? "Los Paraguayos", who had an unparalleled run of successful recordings and world-wide tours.

When Luis Alberto Del Parana died in September 1974, Reynaldo took over leadership of the band which, by then, had seen numerous personell changes. The new ensemble, Reynaldo Meza Y Los Paraguayos, with him as the only remaining original member, continued recording and touring Europe, Asia and the Far East until well into the nineties.

Although long residing in Hamburg, Germany, Reynaldo Meza passed away in his home country of Paraguay on July 5th, 2002.

Gruppen:Luis Alberto del Parana y Los Paraguayos, Reynaldo Meza Y Los Paraguayos
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