Tool (2) eatdogs

21. Januar 2021
The band mentioned that they were working on remasters and re-releases for their albums. That was several years ago now. Is it ever going to happen?

Tool (2) fabenstein

14. September 2020
i would love to see what mobile fidelity could do with tool's albums if they could get their hands on them for official releases.

Tool (2) gangreeen

3. September 2020
I love Tool, but it seems like nearly all their official vinyl pressings suck.

Tool (2) alexswin

20. April 2020
possibility of a new EP this years, not extra details about it

Tool (2) robynthefisherman

24. Mai 2020
that would be album was fantastic I loved it

Tool (2) Vinyl_Beatle98

27. Februar 2020
When is Tool ever going to officially release all their discography to vinyl?

Tool (2) poolguy34

14. August 2019
4 albums and an ep from 92 to 2019. Maynard is a self righteous pompous ass who with his band of geniuses create some of the best music ever. Damn them for not reissuing there measly record catalog.

Tool (2) wildblunthickok

27. Dezember 2020
Well 4 and a half albums under this name. Maynard is in 2 other bands though (A Perfect Circle and Puscifer).
Also the huge gap between the latest album and the last one was because of legal battles that prevented them from releasing music under the Tool name. Maynard was releasing Puscifer albums pretty regularly during that time period.

Tool (2) kosutasu

9. Dezember 2019
Nah, they have nothing on Boston
6 albums from 1976 to 2013 xD

Tool (2) portugalthecam

25. Oktober 2018
So I decided I wanted to start listening to Tool again, as it's been forever. I listened to them a lot when I was younger, but haven't in forever. Lo and behold they are absent from all streaming services (can't blame them on that one)! I impulsively (re)bought Undertow, Aenima, and Lateralus on CD last night lolol thank goodness for Discogs! Would love it if the vinyl reissues still happened..

Tool (2) TheCatalyst

18. November 2018
geändert over 2 years ago
I'd give anything for an official release of 10,000 Days. In the same boat, and just relistened to that album a few weeks ago, and craving a solid 180g official pressing (don't want to give my money to bootleggers).

Tool (2) as reviewed by genocyber

22. August 2018
i think they called the last album 10,000 days because that's how long it would be until the next one.

Tool (2) wildblunthickok

28. September 2019
geändert about 1 month ago
Pretty sure it was a Jesus reference. He was said to have died in his 27th year and 10,000 days is 27 years and some odd months.
EDIT: to be clear the 2 wings songs are about his mother's coma, giving up on her ever waking up, pulling the plug after decades, and his ruminations about the religion she believed in (and he believed in to a lesser degree). The first song is about his vigil by her side the last month before pulling the plug and his reflections on their religion, and the second song is about Jesus and his mother and how hard they both had it. The first song is in present day, the second song is in biblical times but comes back to present time near the end of the song.
Yes having the official lyric sheet is a big help in figuring this all out. I can't imagine anyone could understand the 2 wings songs without the lyrics (and even then it takes awhile to understand). The lead singer releases the official lyric sheet on the 2 year anniversary of each album's release (although Fear Innoculum had a lyric sheet included with the massively overpriced physical edition).

Tool (2)

30. Juli 2019
I'm pretty certain the title is in refrence to the time of his mothers suffering. 10,000 days of suffering. "10000 days in the fire is long enough, your going home" He speaks alot of his mom in his music. Even with APC

Tool (2) TheCatalyst

18. November 2018
If that's the case then we are almost halfway there! Sooner than I was expecting personally haha.