DJ Skull

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Ron Maney
Ron Maney also known as DJ Skull lived in the Southside of Chicago (IL, USA). His musical career started during the summer of 1986, while recovering from a broken bone. During the following years he homed his craft, DJing first at basement parties, building his reputation to go on to larger events such as, loft and hotel parties, and eventually the infamous Music Box and Power Plant clubs. At the age of fifteen Ron shopped his first demo at Trax Records. There he first met Chicago's legendary DJ Ron Hardy, working as A&R for Trax Records. Two years, and a new alias later (DJ Skull) later while at the Power Plant, Chicago's own Steve Poindexter heard a DJ playing one of Rons tracks, and met Ron. Steve was now A&R at Saber Records and invited Ron to release some tracks. So in October of 1991 DJ Skull's first record "N.R.G. Music" was released. In 1993, he released the EP "The Stomping Grounds" on Djax-Up-Beats, which was more noted than the first one. Over the years that followed DJ Skull released lots of EP's on several labels. He has become well-respected producer and DJ in the Techno industry. He was playing at famous events in the USA and Europe such as: Planet Djax 1 (Chicago, IL), Mayday 8 (Germany) and The Lollipop (Sweden) just to name a few.
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Singles & EPs

S 3008 DJ Skull - N.R.G. Music Cover-Design D.J. Skull* N.R.G. Music Saber Records S 3008 US 1991 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-186 DJ Skull - Stomping Grounds Cover-Design DJ Skull Stomping Grounds Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-186 Netherlands 1993 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-214 DJ Skull - Nuclear Fall Out Cover-Design DJ Skull Nuclear Fall Out Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-214 Netherlands 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-201 DJ Skull - Met"L"gear Cover-Design DJ Skull Met"L"gear Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-201 Netherlands 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
RC005 DJ Skull - Skitzo Frantic E.P. Cover-Design D.J. Skull* Skitzo Frantic E.P. (EP) Red Cat Records RC005 US 1994 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-224 DJ Skull - Hard Drive Cover-Design DJ Skull Hard Drive(2x12") Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-224 Netherlands 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-238 DJ Skull - Raw Form Anger Cover-Design DJ Skull Raw Form Anger(12") Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-238 Netherlands 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
SOUNDS 009 DJ Skull - The Power Hour Cover-Design Skull* vs. ESP* Skull* vs. ESP* - The Power Hour Sounds. SOUNDS 009 US 1995 Diese Version verkaufen
RR 761 DJ Skull - 2 Entities Cover-Design Skull* Presents Ron Maney Skull* Presents Ron Maney - 2 Entities Relief Records RR 761 US 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-252 DJ Skull - Stress EP Cover-Design DJ Skull Stress EP(2x12", EP) Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-252 Netherlands 1996 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-283 DJ Skull - The Graveyard Orchestra Remixes Cover-Design DJ Skull The Graveyard Orchestra Remixes Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-283 Netherlands 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
MAJ-102 DJ Skull - Analog Ritual Cover-Design DJ Skull Analog Ritual(12") Majesty Recordings MAJ-102 US 1997 Diese Version verkaufen
MAJ-105 DJ Skull - When Will I Be Free Cover-Design DJ Skull When Will I Be Free Majesty Recordings MAJ-105 US 1998 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-316 DJ Skull - The Internet Server 211 Cover-Design DJ Skull The Internet Server 211 (EP) Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-316 Netherlands 1999 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-322 DJ Skull - Impromptu Analysis Cover-Design DJ Skull Impromptu Analysis(12") Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-322 Netherlands 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
DJAX-UP-332 DJ Skull - Chronicle Synopsis Cover-Design DJ Skull Chronicle Synopsis(12") Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-332 Netherlands 2000 Diese Version verkaufen
#01-00 DJ Skull - What Y'all Want Cover-Design DJ Skull What Y'all Want(12") Dense Electron-X #01-00 US 2001 Diese Version verkaufen
Sino 005 DJ Skull - Passages Vol. 1 Cover-Design DJ Skull Vs Technasia DJ Skull Vs Technasia - Passages Vol. 1 Sino, Sino Sino 005 Hong Kong 2002 Diese Version verkaufen
HT-001 DJ Skull - The Gladiator III E.P Cover-Design DJ Skull The Gladiator III E.P(12", EP) Hypnotic Tones Records HT-001 US 2005 Diese Version verkaufen
WC001 DJ Skull - Chi-Life EP Cover-Design DJ Skull Chi-Life EP (EP) Wax Candy WC001 US 2010 Diese Version verkaufen
Sect 17 DJ Skull - The Dark Knight EP Cover-Design DJ Skull The Dark Knight EP (EP) Sect Records Sect 17 UK 2013 Diese Version verkaufen
UKR 050 DJ Skull - Magnetar EP Cover-Design DJ Skull Magnetar EP(2xFile, WAV, EP) Urban Kickz Recordings UKR 050 US 2014
CR011 DJ Skull - Different Connections Cover-Design Victor Santana & DJ Skull Victor Santana & DJ Skull - Different Connections(12", EP) Chaval Records CR011 Spain 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
CHIWAX 013 DJ Skull - Revenge Of The Synth Cover-Design DJ Skull Produced By Ron Maney DJ Skull Produced By Ron Maney - Revenge Of The Synth(12", EP, Red) Chiwax CHIWAX 013 Germany 2014 Diese Version verkaufen
Sect 19 DJ Skull - The Heavy Thinker EP  Cover-Design DJ Skull The Heavy Thinker EP (12", EP) Sect Records Sect 19 UK 2014 Diese Version verkaufen

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30. Dezember 2018
sadly he never released an album. I think it would be very good.


15. März 2018
geändert over 4 years ago
Probably one of the most consistent Chicago acts out there. His records always stand out on DJAX UB - just the melodies are nothing like any of the other records on that label and its why most of them are fairly sought out and appeal today.

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