Exocet (4)

Bürgerl. Name:
René Klimaczewski
“A single bullet in the head of freak. Music about corruption, terrorism and war.”

Exocet was launched in 2008 by the versatile labelfounder/producer/dj René Klimaczewski (aka Klima). He is known to insiders especially for his collaboration with the esteemed Architect. The latter was started by the also prolific Daniel Myer of haujobb. Since both are based in Leipzig (Germany) it was inevitable that their ways crossed. Result was in 2005 the up to now most appreciated Architect work The Analysis of Noise Trading.

Visiting New York in 2007, Klima found inspiration in the late artist Dave Kean - not a musician but full of weird ideas and creativity. Here and then Exocet was conceived. Under this influence Klima produced Violation, released 2008 on ant-zen, well received by the industrial noise crowd.
In 2009 the second effort, a much darker album Grotesque Consumer came to light. Now on his own Klima and his music appeared to be afflicted by the tragic death of his former muse.


ACT219, act219 Exocet (4) - Violation Cover-Design Exocet (4) Violation(CD, Album) Ant-Zen, Ant-Zen ACT219, act219 Germany 2008 Diese Version verkaufen
act 228 Exocet (4) - Grotesque Consumer Cover-Design Exocet (4) Grotesque Consumer(CD, Album) Ant-Zen act 228 Germany 2009 Diese Version verkaufen
ACT268 Exocet (4) - Consequence Cover-Design Exocet (4) Consequence(CD, Album) Ant-Zen ACT268 Germany 2011 Diese Version verkaufen

Singles & EPs

SPUNKY MONKEY RECORDS 003 Exocet (4) - Don't Trust Your Eyes EP Cover-Design Morbus M.* / Exocet (4) Morbus M.* / Exocet (4) - Don't Trust Your Eyes EP (EP) Spunky Monkey Records SPUNKY MONKEY RECORDS 003 Germany 2008 Diese Version verkaufen