Gäa stands for Gaia in English, the Greek goddess of earth. This band from Saarland (Germany) chose it as their name. Gäa was founded at 1973 by Helmut Heisel (guitar), Peter Bell (bass) and Stefan Dörr (drums). They were friends from school times, and they had learned to play in a band called "The Phantoms", which played only cover songs. Later the Gäa had more personnel, as Günther Lackes joined for playing keyboards, Werner Frey on guitar and singing and Werner Jungmann playing on congas. Helmut Heisel left the band at this time.
They had lots of gigs, and got a recording deal from the Kerston label. Gäa recorded 1973 their first album in Alfred Kersten's studio having very bad recording conditions, and the material was released on small vinyl edition called "Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus" (On the track to Uranus) at the year 1974. It was a rare collectors item for a long time, but it was re-released on CD in 1992. The band members weren't very happy for the quality of the record at the time it was released.
Gäa continued doing gigs, and they had some personnel changes again. Both Werner Jungman and Peter Bell left the group, and the first guitarist Helmut Heisel rejoined them and played the bass. They recorded three new songs in Leico studios at 1975, but for reason or another, they didn't do more material, and the band was quitted in year 1978. Those who were at the band when it split, have all stayed in making music. They did some playing with the same Gäa personnel during the 80's and some their music were recorded on tape in their training room. Those tracks surviving from that time have been released along with the tracks from 1975 sessions as a CD called "Alraunes Alptraum" (Alruna's nighmare). Alruna is the earth-spirit of german mythology. Album covers for both of these releases were done by Peter Bell's brother Eduard, and they are about these earth goddesses.
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Gäa - Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus Cover-Design Gäa Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus (Album) Kerston Records Germany 1973 Diese Version verkaufen
Gäa - Alraunes Alptraum Cover-Design Gäa Alraunes Alptraum (Album) Garden Of Delights Germany 1998 Diese Version verkaufen