Joakim Forsgren & Andreas Hiroui Larsson

The Stockholm-based duo of artist Joakim Forsgren and artistic researcher/musician Andreas Hiroui Larsson has been active since 2015. Their music is improvised yet it draws on unexpected combinations of concept literature and musical references, such as the dark humor literature of artists Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg, and Miles Davis' Dark Magus. Joakim Forsgren and Andreas Hiroui Larsson come from diametrically different perspectives on music. Hiroui Larsson has a background in acoustic jazz and non-idiomatic improvisation, while Forsgren has played electric bass in punk and rock groups since his early teenage years. The two being friends since several years, making music gradually became a way of spending more time together. The duo released their debut album “Vending Machine” in 2021 (THTCD7).

Photo by Fatima Moallim.


THTCD7 Joakim Forsgren & Andreas Hiroui Larsson - Vending Machine Cover-Design Joakim Forsgren & Andreas Hiroui Larsson Vending Machine(CD) thanatosis produktion THTCD7 Sweden 2021 Diese Version verkaufen