Acid Bath


Sludge Metal band from Louisiana, US.
Disbanded after bassist Audie Pitre was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver.

Acid Bath was an incarnation of two bands, Dark Karnival which featured Audie Pitre and Sammy Pierre Duet, and Golgotha which featured Dax Riggs, Tommy Viator, and Mike Sanchez. Tommy Viator was later replaced by Jimmy Kyle. Joseph J. Fontenot was the bassist for a short period of time. Tommy Viator and Joseph Fontenot were also members of Audie's band Shrum. , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Mitglieder:Audie Pitre, Dax Riggs, Jimmy Kyle, Joseph J. Fontenot, Mike Sanchez (3), Sammy Pierre Duet


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