Roey Marquis II

Real Name:Calogero Randazzo

Roey Marquis II. (also known as Ming or RM2, born Calogero Randazzo; *1971 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse) is a German/Italian hip-hop producer and DJ.

Shortly after playing DJ-sets at Larry's Inn at the age of 18, Calogero Randazzo became that clubs manager. In 1991 he was the co-founder of S.Y.A. Records, focusing on eurodance and rap music, and went on to open the record store Sounds Of Blackness the same year.

In 1992 he created the name Roey Marquis II. while spinning at the Funkadelic Club, founding the jazz influenced label Loose Ends Records, together with Kerstin Lamb in February of 1993, and the hip-hop label Ruff-N-Raw together, shortly thereafter. Producing for such artists as Da Germ, Otropic T(h)ree and Diferenz, as well as his own projects, and those with Jazz Con Bazz.

From 1993 to 1996, Calogero successfully ran his record labels, while heading the promotions agency Tribes Of The Underground. Performing as a support-DJ for the likes of Run-DMC, Onyx, Fugees, Grandmaster Flash, Nas and KRS-One as well.

From 1997 he began working for the Frankfurt based production company Fun De Mental, from where he operated Quiet Force Records (Germany), and the rap/R&B heavy Division Genuine Productions. Touring with The Marquis Club.

A year later he began on the project MK2, together with DJ Kabuki releasing the album Prepare To Be Educated, and he collaborated with MC's Germ and Matrix to form the group Spiritual Warriors, releasing their debut, a concept album, in 1999.

Roey Marquis II. released his first solo album Ming, a producer album and the first of a RM2 Trilogy in 2000. That same year, he started a new production company, called Shen Productions, and introduced his new label Ming Dynasty, signing such artists as Jonesmann, Jeyz, Profan78, Pal One and Lunafrow amongst others. In 2002 he released Herzessenz, the second part of his RM2 Trilogy, followed by Samsara, his third installment a year later. He has since been involved in numerous other projects, having had his autobiography "Lebenslinien" published in 2008, which he co-wrote with Tobias Hoeft.

Roey Marquis has produced songs for a large part of the German rap scene, having worked with the likes of Absztrakkt, RAG, Stieber Twins, Samy Deluxe, Curse, Azad, Kool Savas, Olli Banjo, Brixx, Nicodemus, Schivv, Tatwaffe, Archetype, Al' Tariq, Problemz, Lin Que, Finsta, Tony Touch, Evil Dee, DJ Spinna, amongst many more.

Aliases:Calogero Randazzo, Ming (15)
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