• bubbleguuum over 14 years ago

    bubbleguuum geändert over 14 years ago
    Moving the old topic in General in this more appropriate section.


    - tag files using discog data. Retrieve more info than most other taggers.
    - retrieve album and artist art
    - flexible tag mapping allows you to write tags you need in custom tags
    - use of meta data in tags to display artist / label / release discogs www page
    - able to later update specified tags

    this is what you need if you want to precisely tag you ripped collection !

    current version: 1.13
    download plugin / Documentation (thanks Bachi-Bouzouk)
    find release dialog screenshot (v0.90)
    release dialog screenshot (v0.90)
    screenshot showing use of discogs data in fb2k

    dedicated thread in foobar2000 forums.


    v 1.12

    + fix: editing a tag mapping could attribute it to the wrong discogs info
    + fix: incomplete url escaping was producing XML parse error (release 239279)
    + fix: %DISCOGS_ARTIST_ID% is now fetched and written with the XML API
    + chg: retrieve art using XML API urls instead of old HTML method (faster)
    + fix: small art preview is now displayed when using the XML API
    + fix: artist art directory is created if it does not exist
    + chg: subtracks are now part of the discogs track listing if they have some length (that mean they are real tracks, instead of separators)
    (ex: release 891540, subtracks are skipped)
    + fix: %DISCOGS_CREDIT_FEATURING%, %DISCOGS_CREDIT_VOCALS%, %DISCOGS_CREDIT_REMIX% now handle multiples credits (ex: release 1085782, track 11)
    + add: value written for %ALBUM_ARTIST% when release is a compilation is now configurable (default: "Various Artist")

    v 1.11

    - fix crashes for some buggy releases with empty fields (notes etc, ex : 812575), should no more
    crash with any empty field.
    - better detection of VINYLTRACK, now based on format (ex : 812575)
    - added %DISCOGS_TRACK_POSITION% : this is the unmodified position field in front of track names as they appear in the HTML pages.
    - fix: no more crashes for some buggy release with tracks from several artist but no join fields (ex: 1011711)
    - fix XML parse error for release with place holder artists (ex: 937961)

    v 1.10

    - Discogs XML API support with new tags fetchable (Notes, Credits, ...)

  • jward over 14 years ago

    great work! Do you plan on adding file renaming functionality as well?

  • bubbleguuum over 14 years ago

    great work! Do you plan on adding file renaming functionality as well?

    It's already included in foobar, look into the "File Operations/Move, Copy, Rename Files" context menu entry ater having selected some files. You can then use custom discogs tags to rewrite your filenames and directories.

    If you'e using the new foobar 0.9.5 beta I think you need to specifically need request for the renamer at install time to have it (plugin is called foo_fileops.dll)
  • jward over 14 years ago

    sorry bubbleguuum.. my bad . Your plugin caused me to make the jump to foobar, and during my quick trial last night i over looked this (foo_fileops.dll) ;-)

    Thanks again for this application, and opening my eyes to a superior MS based audio player.

  • mixstake over 14 years ago

    Hey ... waz up bubbleguuum ... just wondering if you are ever going to release the source code for v1.12 ... I'm kinder building a personal db and and wanted to extend it alil bit based on your code ...

    thanx in advance. U rock!!!!!! love foo_discogs
  • perplexor over 14 years ago

    doesn't work Web API, it simply doesn't work
    Artist list after Search button pressed stay empty.
  • perplexor over 14 years ago

    doesn't work Web API, it simply doesn't work
    Artist list after Search button pressed stay empty.
  • mixstake over 14 years ago

    have you tried using the latest version foo_discogs plugin i.e version 1.12. I think there were problems with the older version API, It did alll sorts of wierd things. Also ... I haven't upgraded to the latest foobar2000 dunno if it works in it or not but with foobar v9.4.5 works like a charm. Plus check ur firewall settings too. hope this helps
  • aksyutenko over 14 years ago

    aksyutenko geändert over 14 years ago
    thanks!! great plugin, works perfect))
  • bubbleguuum over 14 years ago

    New release (download link in first post)


    + add: release dialog: horizontal scrollbars in discogs track list and local file list
    + add: update album/artist art dialog now has settings that overrides those of the configuration tab to force retrieval of art.
    This is convenient when art retrieval is always disabled at tag time, and later updated.
    + add: add tag DISCOGS_ARTIST_MULTI (same as Artist, but as a multi-value tag to separate artists, useful with <%DISCOGS_ARTIST_MULTI%>) and
    DISCOGS_ALBUM_ARTIST_MULTI (same as Album Artist, but as a multi-value tag to separate artists. Contrary to Album Artist it always has a value). See discussion
    with Dave_Scream
    + chg: preferences: now artist art can be stored in the release directory (using tagz for the directory). filenames still use artist id.
    + chg: preferences: removed outdated HTML fetch method
    + chg: find release dialog: if a searched artist is an ANV, display all of it's ANVs and non-ANVs releases. Try it with trentemoeller!
    + chg: catch file io exceptions with a meaningful message in the console
    + chg: "overwrite existing files" is only possible for artist art, as it is problematic for artist art
    + fix: DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDITS: earch role is separated by ; instead of \n
    + fix: find release dialog: double-clicking on an artist name or a release to launch the related Discogs www page now always work
    + fix: all available artist art was always fetched even if "fetch all available art" was unchecked
  • skardas over 14 years ago

    skardas geändert over 14 years ago
    i have error: XML API ERROR
    and where i can enter my API KEY?
    i dont use Foobar2000 for taggs just i wanted try your pluggin.
    1.3 pluggin / 9.5.1 foobar2000.

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