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Hell yeah! sgt sgt 4 spirals spirals over 13 years ago
Submerge stock mkamper mkamper 2 Monomer313 Monomer313 about 1 month ago
Mike Golding - The Beginning EP piskavac piskavac 0 piskavac piskavac 2 months ago
Soul 223 / Stasis / Steve Pickton...new material! K-JeeMusic K-JeeMusic 1 piskavac piskavac 2 months ago
Old fashioned track ID request nickeane nickeane 4 nickeane nickeane 2 months ago
Pod – The Vanguard EP - 2 × Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue, Remastered gutes_blut gutes_blut 6 gutes_blut gutes_blut 2 months ago
MILANO flea markets third_i third_i 2 third_i third_i 2 months ago
Jay Daniel & Kyle Hall Track ID danielchavez danielchavez 1 EMANUELSCANDELLARI EMANUELSCANDELLARI 3 months ago
Titonton Endophin EP 20th anniversary re-issue on Metamorphic planetary1 planetary1 0 planetary1 planetary1 3 months ago
Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Starborough Starborough 11 Starborough Starborough 3 months ago
Detroit techno via Glasgow Modus. Modus. 0 Modus. Modus. 4 months ago
High Tech Soul • 2006. Documentary about roots of Detroit Techno palladev palladev 0 palladev palladev 4 months ago
Assemblage [d r i l l e d by R-dUb] [Detroit Mixtapes] marsou marsou 3 marsou marsou 4 months ago
Book of Drexciya STEVELAWLESS STEVELAWLESS 2 la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre 4 months ago
god said give ‘em drum machines : the story of detroit techno dub_e_72 dub_e_72 4 musicshaolin musicshaolin 5 months ago
scott sellers kirk smith e17 buttfreak buttfreak 0 buttfreak buttfreak 6 months ago
scott sellers kirk smith e17 buttfreak buttfreak 0 buttfreak buttfreak 6 months ago
New Sean Deason EP SetTheoryDetroit SetTheoryDetroit 3 gutes_blut gutes_blut 7 months ago
Help on some Deep/Tech House 90's tracks stecont stecont 3 bonesjackson bonesjackson 8 months ago
Mayday - Sinister, Bootleg? Biong Biong 2 BUNKERHEADZ BUNKERHEADZ 8 months ago
are big festivals ruining Detroit techno? piskavac piskavac 19 ambrose89 ambrose89 8 months ago
need help - record ID piskavac piskavac 4 piskavac piskavac 8 months ago
Sample ID from Chester Louis III – Left Hand Drive eidoom eidoom 3 eidoom eidoom 9 months ago
Detroit Techno Essentials? ElGatoTheMuchoGato ElGatoTheMuchoGato 2 funk_wid_it funk_wid_it 10 months ago
1990s mixtape complete tracklists chrisnova777 chrisnova777 0 chrisnova777 chrisnova777 11 months ago