Mo Wax


British "trip hop" label owned and run by James Lavelle. Launched in 1992, defunct in 2002.

For copyrights (℗ & ©), publishing, or licensing issues consider using Mo Wax Recordings, Mo Wax Labels Ltd., Mo Wax Music Ltd., or Mo Wax Japan.

Parent Label:Beggars Group
Sublabels:Booty Wax, Headz (5), Mo Wax Classics, Mo Wax Excursions, Vecta
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167 Caledonian Road
London N1 0SL
Tel: 0171 837 2152
Fax: 0171 713 0419

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  • CdsNMores Avatar
    defunct but they're still repressing records? (dj shadow only)
    talk about a lost cause
    • breizhwarens Avatar
      Is there any digital catalog for mo wax ? Or any plans to do so ?
      • benguelas Avatar
        I recorded a track on tape from the portuguese XFM radio many years ago and I still have no idea what's its name or who played it.
        I tried the Track IDs group here in Discogs and but I never got a reply.
        A couple of weeks ago I finally got a result on Shazam - "Aralim (Liquid Skies remix)" by Ah Cama-Sotz.
        I went straight to listen to this on YouTube but it's not what I recorded on tape, in fact Ah Cama-Sotz has only sampled it. It's a four-second sample that goes throughout the track, just the percussion and this low, continuous, stringed sound.
        I contacted him via his info e-mail and he recalls having sampled an old Mo Wax record but can't remember which one.
        I know the tape is from 1996 or 1997, never later than that, because the radio station shut down on July 1997.
        Can anyone please tell me what it is?
        • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73s Avatar
          About a year or so ago I went to my local car boot sale and bought a MO WAX record bag. It is definitely official as its very well made (albeit a little shabby from the use of the previous owner). I just wondered if anyone else has a record bag like this? I can provide photos. Best £5 I have spent! MoWAX and Ninja Tunes have provided us with so many tasty joints it's utterly incredible!
          • dizzy1skis Avatar
            Vor 6 Jahren bearbeitet
            What is the Mo'Wax record that has crickets chirping to infinity in an endless loop at the end? Please if anyone knows, please tell me.
            • Bourbonmans Avatar
              Mo Wax seems to be back...
              • jaxxaludes Avatar
                Mo' Wax defined the very essence of a sound and attitude that came to be the epitome of some of the most stimulating and inventive electronic music of the 90's. DJ Shadow, Palm Skin Productions, Luke Vibert, The Prunes, Jordan Fields, DJ Takemura (before he's gone all "experimental"), The Repercussions, Marden Hill, La Funk Mob, DJ Krush, Money Mark, Rob Dougan, Andrea Parker, Dr. Octagon, Attica Blues, Psychonauts, As One, Sukia, Jazz Hip Jap, Love TKO, Tommy Guerrero, Major Force West, The Innerzone Orchestra, Blackalicious... the eclecticism and, in many cases, brilliantism of these people show, for themselves, the importance of this label, which was always more than "trip-hop". And to summarize all this, nothing better than the "Headz" and "Excursions" compilation series to catch a hold on the "golden age" of Mo' Wax (1993/1996).
                After that, it's been kind of a bumpy ride for Mo' Wax and its charismatic owner, James Lavelle. Let's see what the future holds...
                • kemuri9mms Avatar
                  This is (was) the definition and standard of a cool record label. From Breakbeat to Hip hop to electro and DnB, Mo' Wax covers it all with incredible style. Sad as it is and like so many other cool, independent labels Mo' Wax has been swallowed by a large, faceless record corporation that manufactures a new MTV pop star every week. While I am quite disappointed by this, I still do my part, and suggest you do as well, and go out there and dig through some crates and find some Prunes, U.N.K.L.E., Attica Blues, Krush and Shadow. This is still the best there is out there!!!!!!!!--Peace--Kemuri9mm
                  • altaress Avatar
                    Vor 22 Jahren bearbeitet
                    Mo'Wax earlier releases are the inspiration and direct cause for so many of the current crop of music today. Most of these early artists are now producers who work behind the scenes producing the definitive sounds of today. Dj Shadow being the most recognised of them all, but there are other lagecy artists not to be forgotten like attica blues, Step, Palm Skin Productions etc etc who are all now still working and forging ahead with cutting edge ideas.