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Profil: Recordings is a small independent label from Germany founded in 2017 by André Höche. We’re releasing all kind of electronic music with a strong focus of innovation and eagerness to experiment. The idea is to create unique sounds without any borders and see music as art, not as a business model.

At the moment we’re only offering digital distribution but plan to release also CDs and Vinyl depending on our success.

Our tracks are free to listen (stream) and pay to download which is fair to the consumer and also the artists. Listen as much as you want and support the artist by paying for the download.

All our tracks are GEMA-free which means you don’t have to pay if you play our tracks live (but please consider the so called GEMA Vermutung in Germany). In the future we’re plan to work together with the C3S as soon as it is ready.
What we offer to artists

If you think is the right label for you feel free to contact us and send us your demos. We will support you with mixing, mastering (if necessary) and offer a world wide distribution of your tracks with a very fair share for the artists.

Send your demos to (link to download or stream) to demos at with a short description of yourself and your music. We will listen to every demo and provide feedback but depending on the amount of demos this might take some time.
General contact: mail at
Demos: demo at



Status Katalognummer  Image Künstler Titel ( Format) Label Katalognummer  Land Jahr Aktionen
BAR-0001 Depresser - Dark Days in a Coloured World Depresser Dark Days in a Coloured World(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0001 Germany 2017
BAR-0002 Depresser - Drogen Depresser Drogen(File, MP3, Single) Recordings BAR-0002 Germany 2017
BAR-0003 Depresser - Human Without a Cause Depresser Human Without a Cause(File, MP3, Album) Recordings BAR-0003 Germany 2017
BAR-0004 Antisound (2) - Vicious EP Antisound (2) Vicious EP(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0004 Germany 2017
BAR-0005 Depresser - Enter Exit Depresser Enter Exit(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0005 Germany 2017
BAR-0006 Antisound (2) - Empathy & Apathy Antisound (2) Empathy & Apathy(File, MP3, Single) Recordings BAR-0006 Germany 2017
BAR-0007 Blackgrove - Bildungsroman EP Blackgrove Bildungsroman EP(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0007 Germany 2017
BAR-0008 OMM 0910 - Be Happy OMM 0910 Be Happy(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0008 Germany 2017
BAR-0009 Blackgrove - Aeneous EP Blackgrove Aeneous EP(File, MP3, EP) Recordings BAR-0009 Germany 2017
BAR-0010 KreisSystem - Threat! KreisSystem Threat!(File, MP3, Single) Recordings BAR-0010 Germany 2017