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Warner Records is one of Warner Music Group's flagship labels and is operated by Warner Records Inc.
The label was launched on May 28, 2019 and is a rebranding of Warner Bros. Records after WMG's license to the "Warner Bros." name and shield logo with WarnerMedia expired. An all-new logo, designed by Pentagram (see Pentagram (5) artist and Pentagram (3) company profile), was also launched. (Pentagram also designed a new logo of another Warner Music Group subsidiary, Warner Chappell Music, which in past also used Warner Bros. shield logo.)

Parent Label:Warner Records Inc.
Sublabels:Clover Music (3)
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Warner Records Inc.
777 S. Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90021 , Facebook , X , Instagram


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  • Green_Doggo_Wisdoms Avatar
    Warner Music is reissuing albums on CD for the first time in years!
    • drombuljas Avatar
      So that's why a lot of their back catalogue albums on streaming sites have the ugly spot on the cover.