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Lux Nigra is a record label from Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1998 by Peter Gebert, a linguist who goes by the name of Multipara for his musical activities.

Lux Nigra doesn't follow a particular sound or conceptual definition, yet has its own, unmistakable personality. While there is a focus on rhythmic structure and energy, a love for playful arrangements and melodies, and a general sense for emotional tension, its releases embrace great stylistic diversity and hybridisation. All releases have their own, self-contained character, yet there is a subtle underlying coherence behind the apparent eclecticism. For this, there are various reasons - a strong sense of design, an authentic and personal rather than a trend/market-oriented business-like approach, and ultimately, that the label is shaped by exactly one person's taste and interest in electronic music.

Although based in Berlin and inspired by the open atmosphere of the city, the label is fairly international, with artists from as far as Japan and the U.S., and a worldwide distributor in Manchester, UK.

The following catalog numbers are assigned to items of clothing: xylin 02 (t-shirt), xylin 05 (personalized t-shirts created "for selected Lux Nigra artists only") and xylin 20 (t-shirt/hooded sweatshirt).

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  • m50s Avatar
    Essential label. Unpredictable, challenging, unique, & with amazing attention to detail.
    • genets Avatar
      Though often aligned with close partners Morr Music and City Centre Offices,
      Multipara's Lux Nigra is, sadly, the most consistently overlooked electronic label. Despite releasing towering epics like Zorn's "The City's Collapsing..." (frequently confused with NY avant/improv godhead John Zorn) and the path-breaking "No Movement, No Sound..." compilation, Lux Nigra remains virtually unknown in comparison to the aforementioned labels. This is not to cast *any* aspersion on Morr or City Centre, but simply to say that digging for the Lux Nigra gems, given their uneven distribution, is well worth doing. Nothing on this label disappoints.