The Exchange


CD and vinyl mastering studio since 1987. Based in Camden, London, UK.

When credited in the runouts: THE EXCHANGE
Add a company: Lacquer Cut At - The Exchange
Add a credit: Lacquer Cut By - ANV artist
When credited in the runouts: THE EXCHANGE DMM
Add a company: Mastered At - The Exchange
Add a credit: Direct Metal Mastering By - ANV artist

Current mastering engineers:
- Graeme Durham (founder) runout etchings GRAEME, GRAZ or GRAZZ or GD or G.D.
if L+G (Lewis Durham+Graeme Durham)
if NP+GD (Nilesh Patel+Graeme Durham)
- Lewis Durham
- Simon Davey (Science (19)) runout etchings SD or SIMON (if SIMON - THE EXCHANGE VINYL or SIMON - T.E.V., credit to The Exchange Vinyl)
- Mike Marsh runout etchings MM, MIKE, MIKE'S or MIKE'S™ (if MIKE'S™ - THE EXCHANGE MMM or MIKE'S ™ - THE EXCHANGE MIKE MARSH MASTERING, credit to The Exchange Mike Marsh Mastering).

Past mastering engineers:
- Guy Davie runout etchings GUY or GUY'S
- Mandy Parnell runout etchings MP or MANDY
- Nilesh Patel runout etchings NP or NILZ (until 2011 ✝)
- Paul Solomons runout etchings PAUL'S
- Mark Embleton runout etchings MARK
- Ray Staff (1987-1994) runout etchings RAY's (or R.S./RS in combination with Nilz)
- John Dent (1987-1996) runout etchings JONZ
- Mark Rankin (Recorded and mixed)
- Colin Richardson
- Mike Hinton
- Karen Thompson

Past studio managers: Seren Seaborn (between 2000 and 2006) and Mike Hinton (between 2006 - 2015).
Past digital operators: Karen Thompson (also web designer) and Mike Hinton.

Contact Info:

(now obsolete)
The Exchange
42 Bruges Place
Randolph Street
London NW1 OTX

Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7485 0530
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7482 4588
Email: [email protected] , MySpace , Facebook , X


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