Scandinavian label founded in 1957 in Denmark.
Label Code: LC 0346 / LC 00346
In addition to Scandinavia and Finland, the label had a local branch in the UK.

Releases might also be listed here that use "Sonet" for a company credit, for example publishing. But please do consider also Sonet Music, Sonet Music AB, Sonet Publishing, Sonet Publishing Ltd. or Sonet Records & Publishing Ltd., when credited that way on release.

The French releases were distributed and manufactured by Disques Vogue. The German licensee was Intercord Tonträger GmbH, these releases are branded as Sonet releases. There are also license releases from the TELDEC companies and Metronome Records GmbH but they seem to be released rather on own imprints than on Sonet.

The promotional copies and white labels often don't have a label/logo. It's acceptable to use the company printed on the release as the label in these cases.

This label contains releases on multinational markets. Do NOT create imprints for different countries. Cover that information with the country field and with other details about the release (i.e. releasing company, label code, ℗ & © note, rights societies). Please also denote the label design to help with identifying unique variations.

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Sublabels:Akkordeon Feuerwerk, Dansk Beat, Danske Top Schlagere, En Norsk Klassiker, Flashback (10), Flashbacks (3), Giants Of Jazz (2), Gylden Time, Hotel Evergreen (2), Mascot Records (4), ...


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