Polystar (3)


Compilation label of Universal, mainly releasing on the German market but also in Venezuela amongst other countries.
Label Code: LC 4324 / LC 04324
Polystar has been marketed in Germany by different companies (specified by the copyright):
?? PolyGram GmbH
1993-2001 : Polymedia Marketing Group GmbH
2001-2003 : Universal Marketing Group GmbH
Since 2004: Universal Strategic Marketing

Parent Label:Universal Music GmbH
Sublabels:30 Years Of Gold, About:Berlin, Bang! (7), Black Summer Party, Hardbass, Hitwave (2), Lieblings..., Looking Back The Unforgettable Hits Of The Year, Maxi Power, NDD - Neuer Deutscher Dancefloor, ...
Contact Info:

Universal Music_Strategic Marketing
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

Tel. +49 30 52007 01

Address 1990:
Polygram GmbH
Glockengießerwall 3
2000 Hamburg 1


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