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VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin was the only official record company in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) 1955 to 1990 (VEB means Volkseigener Betrieb = state-owned enterprise). After the demise of the GDR it developed into the Deutsche Schallplatten GmbH Berlin.

Also referred to as:
- VEB Deutsche Schallplatten
- VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin DDR
- VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin • DDR
- V.E.B. Deutsche Schallplatten, Berlin-Ost

- It all started with "LIED DER ZEIT" - in August 1946 Ernst Busch got a soviet licence to press records. Two months later the Soviets decided to hand him over the record business exclusively.
- First company was founded (legally compliant) as "Lied Der Zeit Schallplatten GmbH" (Lied Der Zeit GmbH) on March 18th, 1947 by Ernst Busch and two of his shareholders.
- In 1953/1954 the "Lied Der Zeit Schallplatten GmbH" became public property (was nationalised and put under state control).
- In the year 1954 record company and music publisher were separated.
(1) The record company was temporarily renamed to VEB Lied Der Zeit and in the same year finally redefined to "VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin".
(2) The music publishing company operated separately under the name "VEB Lied der Zeit Musikverlag", which spun off on April 1, 1954.
- In 1990 it became "Deutsche Schallplatten GmbH Berlin".
- In 1993 the pop catalog was sold to BMG and the classical catalog was sold to Edel.

Pressing plants:
VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin (including predecessor and successor companies) owned 2 pressing plants. One in Ehrenfriedersdorf (1947 - 1958) and one in Potsdam-Babelsberg (1947 - 1991). VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Potsdam-Babelsberg was the only vinyl pressing plant in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). All vinyl releases pressed in the GDR were produced in this plant.

Sublabels:AMIGA-Studio Berlin, NOVA, Studio Reichstagufer, VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Potsdam-Babelsberg, VEB Deutscher Verlag Für Musik
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Reichstagufer 4-5
German Democratic Republic
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