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Former studio facility with recording and four disc mastering studios located in Burbank, California, USA. Founded in 1971 by and named after engineer Kent Duncan. Sold to Encore Entertainment Group in 1985 and renamed to Encore Studios. The "A" room became Red Zone Studios. Sold again in 2001 and renamed Glenwood Place Studios.
Kendun Studio D was a separate location at 4620 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank.

Operations started with an 8-track room ("Studio 2" which converted to 24-track in 1972, the first 24-track studio in Los Angeles). First cutting room was added in 1972 ("Studio 3"), a second cutting room was opened in 1973 ("Studio 4") and a third cutting room was opened in 1975 ("Studio 5"). The large live room studio ("Studio 1") was opened in 1976. Studio 4 was converted to a half-speed cutting room in July 1978.

Also appears on releases as:
Ken-Dun - Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA.
Kendun Recorders Inc.
Kendun Studio
Kendun Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
Kendon Recorders, Los Angeles, Calif.
Kenden Studios

The mastering suite's runout stamp can appear as KENDUN, KENDUN-A, KENDUN-B, KENDUN-C and as KENDUN-D, depending upon which studio the mastering / cutting was done. Please credit with Lacquer Cut At.

Recording engineers who have worked here:
Bob Bullock
Dennis Eveland
Joe Laux
John Banuelos
John Calder
John Stronach
Moogie Canazio
Rick Heenan
Vencil Wells

Mastering engineers who have worked here:
Austin Godsey
Carl J. Yanchar, Vice-President and Director of Marketing
Geoff Sykes
George Horn
Jeff Sanders (JS)
Jim Sintetos (JGS)
Jo Hansch (JH)
John Golden (JG)
Kent Duncan (KD)
Malcolm Cecil (MC)
Patrick Collins
Rick Collins
Robert Margouleff (RJM)
Terry More
Toby Foster (TF), night manager

Some of these engineers signed their work with their initials. Please credit with Lacquer Cut By and the appropriate ANV.

Sublabels:Kendun Studio D
Contact Info:

Kendun Recorders
619 South Glenwood Place
Burbank, CA 91506

Tel: +1 213 843 8096.


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  • immanippers Avatar
    Every freakin' thing cut and mastered by these guys rocks! Sucks that they fell through...
    • mr.dnas Avatar
      Vor 11 Jahren bearbeitet
      Apparently Jeff Sanders also did work at Kendun. After noticing Jeff's runout etching "JS·XTAL" perfectly matches "JS·KENDUN" I got to wondering and found it in the credits of Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones ("Mastered by Jeff Sanders at Kendun Recorders"). Also the back cover of Hell Comes to Your House: "Mastered by Jeff Sanders at Kendun Recorders".