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Earmark was a joint venture between Sanctuary Records Group and Get Back of Italy. Reissues on 180 gram vinyl with original artwork.

Parent Label:Sanctuary Records
Sublabels:Nice Price (2)
Contact Info:

Via Aretina 25n
Sieci, Toscana, Italy

+39 055 839211


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  • RembrandtPussyhorses Avatar
    The reissues from this company always seemed pretty dodgy. You'd be better off getting CDs than any of their LPs. Earmark releases always have poor dynamics and tinny sound. I've always wondered if their releases are semi-bootlegs or something because they sure put out a lot of big name releases with little care. They're basically the Four Men With Beards of Europe. I'd strongly recommend against Earmark or any of its sublabels.
    • OlehNosovs Avatar
      Very bad sound. I will never buy their vinyls. Terrible.
      • GoodTuness Avatar
        I really want to love this label. I do. Cause they picked some AWESOME stuff to reissue. I'm particularly fond of their Kinks reissues. Packaging and design is always gorgeous. Glossy cardboard sleeves, informative gatefolds, poly-lined inner sleeves...the works! However, it all goes downhill when you play the actual vinyl. Like pp_ said, lots of shrill and distorted audio. It's a real shame.
        • pp_s Avatar
          Same low quality stuff as other Italian reissue labels, such as Abraxas and Get Back. Digitally sourced shrill sounding vinyl reissues. Lots of high peak distortion and sibilance. Avoid!