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18. Oktober 2018
Which is why i have decided its time to sell my warp records collection. I stopped collecting after about 125 releases on vinyl. Managed to get many promos and rarities but i would agree with most that it lost its way many years ago. They are now following the money and making more for the film industry.

Warp Records ianpdm

18. Mai 2019
geändert 2 months ago
Maybe they lost something around 2003 - 2012, things eb and flow, but with a current roster that includes artists like Flying Lotus, Danny Brown, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mark Pritchard, Yves Tumor, and a swath of legendary foundational acts that are still active (Squarepusher, Aphex, Autechre, Stereolab, Broadcast, Brian Eno, BoC, LFO), it seems clear that they're getting back in touch with exciting new movements in music. Hope definitely isn't lost like a lot of these commenters suggest.

Warp Records jbinjapan

28. Oktober 2018
geändert 8 months ago
Agreed. I was there when Warp was born (as I am from Sheffield and remember FON) - but Warp Records (apart from the odd release) lost its way around the turn of the century. And because it hasn't been based in Sheffield for a long time it may have lost its soul.

Warp Records cornejod

27. Juli 2018
Did it ever occur to anybody that the new bands issuing repetitive , crappy music that fans of Warp despise so much, could be the result of larger labels with more cash attracting the types of bands that "would have been cool" on Warp? Another possibility could be that this is the type of crap that most bands are putting out now - even the venerable ones from yesteryear, as they are too afraid to create something new, and prefer to put out the same shit everybody else does, just to be safe and keep those checks coming. When you are 20 something and put out a crap record, you have nothing to lose. When you are 30 -40 something and you've put out successful records in the past decade, you now have much to lose if you try being a 20 something and put out something that could now wreck your career. Ask Sir Macca.

Warp Records jbinjapan

18. Mai 2018
I remember helping out in FON before Rob and Steve took over the shop and rebranded it. But apart from setting up Warp Records they still kept buying independent releases (especially 4AD). Division Street was a great place to browse records back in the 80s and early 90s. They used to let anyone DJ in their shop as well. Great blokes who changed the face of electronic music worldwide. Rob is sadly missed; I hope Steve is well.

Warp Records jbinjapan

28. Oktober 2018
geändert 8 months ago
That's true  warpedboy2. I can remember buying some imported hardcore punk records from there as well (from the record boxes upstairs). Great shop of that time. Shame it is no longer around.

Warp Records warpedboy2

18. August 2018
I used to but my Death Metal albums from the Warp shop all those years ago.
I probably still have some with Warp price stickers still on them.

Warp Records szalero555

9. November 2014
Aphex Twin - Syro
Flying Lotus - You're Dead
Clark - Clark
Plaid - Reachy Prints
Rustie - Green Language

Good comeback Warp, keep it up

Warp Records as reviewed by oldhippierick

19. September 2014
Marty Robbins The Chronological Classics Marty Robbins 1960-1961 (2011)
Label: Warped Records [6026] CD 2011

Warp Records steady-j

30. September 2013
@ Dubvulture Yeah erm how about 11 reasons why WARP is no joke in the last 12 months or so

Nightmares On Wax
Oneohtrix Point Never
BoC (still!)
Ae (still!)
Mark Pritchard!!
Brian Eno
Flying Lotus
Squarepusher (still!)
THITH (yes really)

I think you are wrong about Gonjasui, Hudmo, !!! and Jamie Lidell
Personally I would agree with most of the rest of your list, and also reserve judgement on Bibio, Darkstar, Mount Kimbie, Kwes and others (we can't all like everything) and its true that around 2007 WARP was dominated by indie rock sounds. Now it is much more diverse and looks to its roots as well as holding its own against a vast array of rival/fellow labels

Warp Records as reviewed by jaydubbleya

3. Dezember 2010
geändert over 8 years ago
Warp Lives!
Clark, Bibio, !!!, Battles
nuff said

Warp Records selectajones

24. November 2009
geändert over 9 years ago
Beware the label-bashing below...

Warp records is a landmark on the electronic music scene that, with success and the inevitable evolution of electronic music, have a different focus to when they were so beloved by enthusiasts in the 90's.

Like any busy label, their releases are not always timeless and to everyones taste; and nor were those from the 90's.

The influence this label had when dance music and electronica were still growing will ensure it always has a chapter of its own in that story. As a sizeable institution on the independent music scene lets hope they can continue to support progressive and exciting artists

Warp Records as reviewed by pressedtrousers

24. Januar 2009
In 1998 Warp make a big deal of their 10 year anniversary, the tagline being "total fucking independence". They had a roster of the cream of IDM, and friendly affiliations with most everyone else in electronic music. True, the remixes comp they put out to celebrate this was weak and a clear signpost of IDM becoming a bit stale, but overall their profile was at its peak.

In 2008 there were no birthday celebrations. No special releases or flags being waved.
Maybe out of respect for the absence of the late co-founder Rob Mitchell. Or maybe just an acknowledgment that they are now just another London label, doing what it has to to stay in business - which has tended to mean signing some dubious acts and losing focus.

Perhaps this is what pissed AFX off so much that after the contractual-obligation releases [a remix album, and a reissue of the 2 rare EPs] he left under a cloud.

Perhaps this is why Plaid - surely a Warp fixture?!- were rumoured to be looking for a new label a couple of years ago?

Perhaps this is why such a once-hypermodernist label has a rarely-updated website, with nothing more interesting than release dates and accompaning PR paragraphs.

Perhaps this is why Bleep, after such a successful start, has become an also-ran. Boomkat literally piss all over Bleep in the downloads market, offering FLAC downloads to audio purists - where Bleep used to do so, but don't bother with them any more.

Though the last year has seen some interesting, worthy stuff, half of it seems like revisiting the past [Leila finds a new home on the label, AET's latest, more interminable Squarepusher and NOW] and half of it seems like box ticking / scene-chasing [Rustie remixing virtually every release, Gang Gang Dance, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke]. And that's just the respectable stuff...

Doing what you have to to survive... is it really worth it? Do they really have hipster A&R men out there telling them what's cool, and signing a respectable token artist from every emerging scene? Because it looks that way, and that's not good. That's not pioneering or creative or interesting.

And when are they going to realise that Jamie Lidell is this decade's Jimi Tenor?*

*a waste of time.

Warp Records claptom141

4. Dezember 2017
Agree, same with XL record, these record labels are not pionering anymore, that's a fact, not an opinion, but that's not their purpose nowadays I guess. They are proper isntitutions and their role is to acknoledge new niche aesthetetic, artiste and scenes. They find emerging artists and help them to reach a larger audience, enter the music industry, become professionals. They democratise aesthetics. Good or bad, that's another debat.

Warp Records pressedtrousers

15. Mai 2011
Not at all. I don't think he's very good at all. Hipster Jamiroquai.

Warp Records valour

15. Mai 2011
Jamie Lidell a waste of time? surely you jest...

Warp Records pressedtrousers

9. Januar 2010
Well, 2009 proved me wrong. A complete overhaul of the websites and a full-on anniversary bonanza [if a year late]. And even prior to that I was begin to re-evaluate my feelings towards the label. What I wrote off as 'box-ticking' actually turned out to produce some of my favourite electronic music of the year.

Sometimes it's nice to be wrong. I guess you just find yourself in the position you're in and just do your best, and you can't fault Warp for that.