Compass Point Studios


Recording studio originally based in Nassau, Bahamas, founded in 1977 by Chris Blackwell and directed by Alex Sadkin.

Thanks to its relaxed (but professional) tropical setting and its session musicians, including Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, Wally Badarou and Barry Reynolds among many others, Compass Point became one of the most popular studios of the 1980s. After Sadkin's death in 1987, the studio experienced a period of decline. At the end of 1992, on Blackwell's commission, the studios were completely restructured by Terry Manning, who also took over the management. Following this the studio operated with increasing success until September 2010, when Blackwell and Manning announced, via the now-defunct studio website, that following local "socio-political" incidents, they believed that it was "untenable to continue doing public business in The Bahamas". They added that “anyone operating forthwith in or near the old Nassau studio building, or claiming to be any part of Compass Point Studios [...] are using that trademarked name inappropriately." After that, the studio staff continued their work in another location.

Name variations on some releases:
· Compass Point
· Compass Point Studio
· Compasspoint Studios
· Compus Point Studios
· Compass Point, Nassau

Sublabels:Compas Point Studios
Contact Info:

Compass Beach
Nassau, Bahamas

Email: [email protected]


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