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US-based mastering firm that has, to date, been responsible for the mastering of more than 28,000 vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes since 1968.
It was originally based in New York. However, in 2018, the company decided to split up into two different locations: one in Nashville, Tennessee, and the other in Edgewater, New Jersey. The former location opened sometime in 2018.

Also appears as:
- Sterling Sound Studios
- Sterling Sound Studios, NY
- Sterling Sound, NY
- Sterling Sound (NY)
- Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.
- Sterling Sound, NYC
- Sterling Sound, New York
- Sterling Sound, New York City
- Sterling Sound, New York, New York
- Sterling Sound New York
- Sterling Sounds
- Sterling Sounds, N.Y.C.
- Sterling Sounds (NY)
- Stirling Sound, New York
- Stirling Sound, New York, NY
- Stirling Studio New York
- Sterlingsound

Regarding vinyl runouts, "STERLING" may be found either stamped or hand etched. Also quite faint "Sterling Sound" etchings can be found.
The studio is also identified as "SS", sometimes quite small and the "SS"s' at Sterling Sound appear only at the end of 1969, followed by the first appearance of the small stamped "STERLING".
For the company, please consider using Sterling Sound Inc..

Sterling was founded by Lee Hulko & Joachim "Joe" Paschek in October 1968, with the studio at 56 W. 45th St. Manhattan.
In 1969, Bob Ludwig joins.
In 1970, the facility moves to larger premises, offering two mastering suites, in the Screen Actors Guild building at 110 West 57th Street.
In 1972, George Marino joins.
In 1975, Ludwig departs to join Masterdisk - being replaced by Greg Calbi (from Master Cutting Room) and Ted Jensen (from Mark Levinson's MLAC), the latter taking over much of Hulko's mastering, whose tasks had turned to technical & management duties.
In 1977, the company moves to 1790 Broadway, offering 5 suites with the latest state-of-the-art acoustics. José Rodriguez joins.
In 1980, the facility is updated to digital.
In 1985, Sterling Sounds starts DMM cutting (next to still cutting lacquers) in August.
In 1990, Paschek departs and sells his shares to Hulko.
In 1994, Calbi departs to join Masterdisk and is replaced by Tom Coyne (from Hit Factory Mastering).
In 1995, Joe Palmaccio joins (from Polygram Studios).
In 1998, Murat Aktar, of Absolute Audio, joins forces with Jensen, Calbi & Coyne to purchase the facility from Hulko - in partnership with Metropolis Studios; Palmaccio leaves.
In 1999, following Hulko's retirement, the Studio begins its move to the Chelsea district of Manhattan. Chris Gehringer joins (from Hit Factory) at the 1790 Broadway suite, along with Chris Athens in March. Calbi then moved to the Chelsea suite.
In January 2002, the move to Chelsea is completed followed by the closure of the Broadway facility.
In 2018, near the end of their 20-year lease with the Chelsea Market, Sterling Sound decides to split up into two different locations: one in Nashville, Tennessee (with two mastering studios) and the other in Edgewater, New Jersey (with six). The Nashville location opened 2018.

The following mastering engineers have worked at Sterling Sound (with their runout identification if applicable/known):
Chris Athens > STERLING CA
Greg Fulginiti > STERLING GF
José Rodriguez > STERLING JR
Jack Skinner > STERLING JS, or Jack
Ryan Smith (2) STERLING RKS
Bob Ludwig > STERLING RL
Ted Jensen > STERLING TJ
Chris Gehringer > cg
George Marino (none)
Joe Nino-Hernes > STERLING JN-H
Will Quinnell (none)
UE Nastasi
Jay Franco
Steve Fallone
Joe LaPorta
Seth Foster
Kevin Reeves
Justin Shturtz
Joseph M. Palmaccio
Dave McNair
Randy Merrill
Aya Merrill
Idania Valencia
Leon Zervos
Richie Rivera

When an engineer's scribe is in combination with "DMM", please use Mastered At - Sterling Sound and Direct Metal Mastering By - the respective engineer.

Parent Label:Sterling Sound Inc.
Sublabels:Experience Vinyl
Contact Info:

Sterling Sound Edgewater
33 Hilliard Avenue
Edgewater, NJ 07020

Sterling Sound Nashville
805 Meridian Street
Nashville, TN 37207

Phone: (212) 604-9433
Email: [email protected]

Previous Addresses (Contact info now obsolete):
1968 to 1970: Sterling Sound Inc., 56 W. 45th St., New York, NY 10036 USA
1970 to 1977: Sterling Sound Inc., 110 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 USA
1977 to 1999-2000: Sterling Sound, Inc.,1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 USA
1999-2000 to 2018: Sterling Sound, Inc., 88 10th Ave., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10011 USA , Facebook , X


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  • bobisponges Avatar
    Vor 2 Jahren bearbeitet
    "Mastered @ Sterling Sound": A guarantee for clipped and brickwall-compressed sounding vinyl records. All of their newer records are cut from flat CD-masters, with likely no exception.
    "Sterling - We don't care for dynamic vinyl mastering!"
    • WineOfTheVeinss Avatar
      Vor 4 Jahren bearbeitet
      Fantastic job on Lady Gaga - Joanne
      Keep it up. We need more albums that sound like this. Be gone, loudness war.
      • Marten020s Avatar
        I just listened to Momentum by Joshua Redman.. And checked out the mastering.. Sterling.. You guys are AWESOME