Hymen Records rebas

11. Oktober 2020
if it is released on hymen records, it is good.

Hymen Records as reviewed by brokoli

27. Januar 2017
True inspiration for tons of artists. Milestone for all dark IDM followers.

Hymen Records noizstepper

15. März 2011
geändert over 10 years ago
for over ten years my absolute favorite electronica label!
releases ranges from pure neo classical soundtrack ambient to heavy rotation idm.
In the early years hymen mainly released technoid industrial stuff, while today the label more often comes up with rythmical ambient & soft idm stuff as well.

Hymen Records as reviewed by MangaCorps

8. September 2007
This must be one of the best labels around if you are into experimental electronics. For ambient/dark ambient sounds there are artists like: Lusince Icl, Hecq & Substanz-T. For your dosage of braindance the likes of Wisp, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Ove-Naxx wrap things up.
And for everything that falls in between, Gridlock, Beefcake, Architect and Venetian Snares are top of the game.

A truly outstanding label. Practically every release is one worth waiting for. I hope this label keeps levelling up to the high standards it has set for the experimental genre.