French label created by Virgin France S.A. in 1990 and run by Alain Artaud to distribute and promote independent music and labels such as Mute Records Ltd./Blast First, City Slang, Respect, Soma Quality Recordings, Naked Music, 4AD, Beggars Banquet, Creation Records, Domino, Wall Of Sound, and to sign artists (e.g. Daft Punk, BBE, Yann Tiersen, Dominique A, Jean-Louis Murat, Superfunk).

After the merge of Virgin France S.A. and EMI Music France in January 2002, it became a division of EMI Music France; but is now defunct since June 2008.

LC 3098 / LC 03098.

First a French label and then a European label opened in Italy, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Greece.....
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Parent Label:EMI Music France


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