Рижский Завод Грампластинок


A pressing plant in Rīga, Latvian SSR, owned by the МЕЛОДИЯ label from 1964 to 1991.
In the regional independence movements and dissolution phase of the USSR in the end of the 1980s it began to work under two names, on the one hand continued to press as Рижский Завод Грампластинок for Мелодия but on the other hand also as RiTonis for other labels like Sintez Records. After the independence of Latvia, the plant was privatised in 1992 and renamed to RiTonis only.

It may also be credited as Рижский ордена Знак Почета завод грампластинок, under its Latvian name, Rīgas Skaņuplašu Fabrika (or RSF "Melodija") and under its Estonian name Riia Heliplaadivabrik.

For records pressed before 1964 use Rīgas Skaņu Ierakstu Un Skaņuplašu Fabrika.

Sublabels:Таллинская Студия Грамзаписи, Типография РЗГ «Мелодия»


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