Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.


Publishing (holding) company associated with the Zomba Music Group, operating under this name from 12 August 1980 to 1 April 2008. (Formerly known / incorporated as Zomba Management And Publishers Ltd.). Part of BMG Music Publishing since 2003, after its acquisition by Universal Music Publishing Group in 2007 divested to Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, becoming an eventual part of Imagem (2). The company was legally renamed Imagem London Limited on 1 April 2008.

Name variants:
- Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
- Zomba Music Publishers Ltd
- Zomba Music Publishers Limited.
- Zomba M. Publ. Ltd.
- Zomba Music (Pubs.) Ltd.

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Zomba Music Publishers
Zomba Music Publishing
Zomba Music Publishing Ltd.
Zomba Music Publ. Ltd.

The roots of the company were established in 1976 as Zomba Management And Publishers Ltd. by Clive Calder and Ralph Simon, due to expanding operations, this principal company is separated in 1980. Zomba Management And Publishers Ltd. is renamed Zomba Music Publishers Ltd., and would continue to oversea publishing operations, Zomba Productions Ltd. (later known as Zomba Records Ltd.) is established to oversee recorded music, with the activities of producer / artist management being taken over by Zomba Management Ltd. (which subsequently operated as a subsidiary of Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.)

The company acquired and operated various immediate wholly owned subsidiaries throughout its timeline, which included Zomba Management Ltd., Bluey Tunes Productions Ltd., Bruton Music Ltd, Connect 2 Music Ltd., Grantsville Publishing Ltd., M56 Publishing Ltd., Marlowlynn Ltd, Street Music Ltd., Strongsongs Ltd., Take Out Music Publishing Ltd.

On 31st May 2003 Zomba Music Publishers Ltd. is acquired by Bertelsmann AG and becomes an immediate subsidiary of BMG Music Publishing Ltd. On the 1st Jan 2005 3 of its subsidiaries Bruton Music Ltd, Marlowlynn Ltd. & Connect 2 Music Ltd. are subsequently divested to a fellow group undertaking, BMG Zomba Production Music Ltd.

On the 6th Dec 2006 Bertelsmann AG (ultimate parent) entered into a definitive agreement to sell its publishing business's to Vivendi SA (owner of the various companies that form part of the Universal Music Group), with the company subsequently becoming an immediate subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd. On the 1st Jan 2008 Zomba Music Publishers Ltd. is subsequently sold along with it various subsidiaries to Imagem CV (owned by Dutch pension fund Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP), on the 1st April 2008 the company is renamed Imagem London Limited.

Parent Label:Imagem (2)
Sublabels:Zomba Management Ltd.
Contact Info:

Last registered office address under this name:
20 Fulham Broadway

Bedford House
69-79 Fulham High St

Phone: 44 20 7384 7500
Fax: 44 20 7371 9298

Hill House
1 Little New Street

Trading address:
Zomba House
165-167 High Road
NP10 2SG

Trading address?
Unit 5
Chapmans Park
388 High Street
NW10 2DY


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