The Original Oldies

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The Original Oldies is a German Series of the Metronome companies.
Sister series to The Original (2) and Top Hits Von Gestern
Please add The Original Oldies as series, use the branded label, commonly Barclay, DJM Records (2), Metronome, Global Records And Tapes, CTI Records, De-Lite Records, LAX Records, Fantasy, Rifi or MCA Records.
The credited companies should be Metronome Records GmbH till early 1977.
Since early 1977 the new launched Metronome Musik GmbH is usually credited. Use this companies for the mentioned task.

For the lacquer cut see Tonstudio Pfanz if PF is credited in the runouts.
The pressing plant should be Phonodisc GmbH till Feb. 1978. The pressing plant code should be or similar.
Later releases are usually pressed by PRS Hannover

Parent Label:Metronome Musik GmbH


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