CBS Songs Musikverlag GmbH

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German publishing company. Operating under this name from 26 July 1984 to 16 June 1987.

If written without the legal suffix, please credit CBS Songs Musikverlag.

Corporate chronology:
Registered: 11 February 1965 as April Musikverlag GmbH in Frankfurt am Main (company number HRB 7279)
Relocated: 7 July 1978 to Hamburg (company number HRB 21745)
Relocated: 17 February 1982 to Frankfurt (company number HRB 22091)
Name change: 26 July 1984 - this page
Name change: 16 June 1987 to SBK Songs Musikverlag GmbH

Parent Label:CBS Songs
Sublabels:Chart Breaker, Chartbreaker, Chartbreaker Musikverlag, Edition Chartbreaker


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