Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH


German vinyl pressing plant, established 1948. Member of the Pallas Group.

Vinyl records can be identified by the following characteristics in the runout area:
1.) A 4- or 5-digit number in the stamped runout area, according to the following pattern:
-XXXX- (up to -9999- until 2004).
-XXXXX- (starting from -10000- since 2004).
This number can be entered into the catalog number field next to the Pressed By credit, but please do not enter the hyphens surrounding the number (example: Lyra - Travelling).

Releases with more than a record will often be assigned a different identifier, e.g., Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits, each sequence should be added into a separate dedicated field.

2.) Stamped or etched "ST" / "TST" / "ETST" prefixes to the cat# (Example: The Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Position 2000)
Note: the etching 'SST' is not an identifier for Pallas but for lacquer-cutting studio SST Brüggemann GmbH (known as SST GmbH since December 2016).

3.) The "Pallas Athene" logo (head of a woman - see image) in the runout area (example: Michel Attenoux - Michel Attenoux Plays Dixieland)
Note: Enter the Athene woman head as [Pallas logo] when entering runouts containing the logo.

4.) LEERMATRIZE 4 stamped on the no audio (emtpy) side of a single sided record.

"et" at the end of the matrix indicates the mastering company Elaton (2) and the engineer Djamil Mehtieff.

The pressing plant can also be derived from the typical rings unique to Pallas.
Their 12"s singles pressing rings and labels have the following characteristics:
- paper label diameter = 100 mm,
- a depression starts at 20 mm from the outer label edge,
- the "slope" is 5 mm broad,
- distance from the edge to the stamper ring = 35 mm,
- diameter of the stamper ring = 32 mm,
- small indentation around the spindle hole.

In the 1950s the plant also pressed records for Bertelsmann Schallplattenring (pre Sonopress) and Neckermann.

Registered: Amtsgericht Walsrode HRB 100109
Incorporation date: 19.10.1948

Also credited as:
- Schallplattenfabrik Pallas G.M.B.H., Diepholz
- Pallas
- Pallas Schallplatten GmbH

Parent Label:Pallas Group
Sublabels:Blaxx Maxx, BROOK (2), Carsound, DA Records, DAGO Records, Digital Classic (2), Mandolino, New Emotional Music, Orchestrola, Orchestrola (2), ...
Contact Info:

Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH
Auf dem Esch 8
49356 Diepholz

Tel: +49 5441 977-0
Fax: +49 5441 977-111
E-Mail: info[at] , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube


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  • marcoprolos Avatar
    As far as I can look for my Pallas pressings, I don't' have problems. I fact some of the sellers write below the album Pallas pressing! For example The last Daft Punk - Pallas edition !!
    • Unadverts Avatar
      i don't believe the comment below. Pallas pressings are too-almost-bangers.
      • freddiegeorge9s Avatar
        Ironically, people point the finger at GZ and Optimal for having poor QC, however I encountered my first real factory defect with this plant. For reference, I ordered the Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 45rpm cut from Acoustic Sounds, and one of the record labels has bubbled creating a warp effect. Not sure if it happened at the plant or during shipping (US - UK) but it is a pain considering I’ve received perfect releases from GZ and others.
        • Jonah7Discogss Avatar
          Vor einem Jahr bearbeitet
          I actually like this record pressing plant in my opinion. they press the kick a vinyl that has vinyl that is the number 1 greatest.
          • Michael.M85s Avatar
            Vor 2 Jahren bearbeitet
            best vinyl pressing plant in Europe and the oldest. since the 50s. don't understand why there are hardly any reviews here. Press everything too. Bands like Metallica also press here, Nirvana was pressed here and many beautiful design plates, e.g. for marsimoto, Sido, timbaland.
            In 99 percent of the cases I have no problems with Pallas pressings. 180g my favorites


            here you can see some nice examples.
            • Anthon40s Avatar
              All the Pallas presses I have are top notch. Maybe small labels have had problems with orders, but as a retail consumer, I have confidence in Pallas pressings.
              • earl.128s Avatar
                are these the people that delayed the pressing of a written testimony vinyl for 8 months?